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Tani Tachibana Izaki (paradox7) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 02:28:00
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    Current music:Lead - Manatsu no Magic

    Mozaiku Night
    I just recorded FLAME's radio show XD It was all just talk though XD I could recalling them talking about their new single Fundamental Loop. Anyways, modem was blown up 3 days ago, and got it replaced yesterday. I had a PERFECT dream.. it had a cute guy in it cuz the night before I was watching "The Lost Boys" and you know that Michael was so damn cute/hot, so I dreamt of somebody cute (not him though) and then I was woken up by the phone ringing x.x; It was the phone company calling me at 8 am.. they came to replace the modem at 6:30 pm. PFFT imagine how long I had to wait :P

    Anyways. I wrote new chapters in my Battle Royale fanfic.

    My friends would prolly know about it through AIM anyway cuz they don't read my LJ :P

    Matsujun (Arashi) Fanlisting is up!! Please join!! ^___^ If you joined before, please re-join!

    And I took tons of pics 2 weeks ago (like 30 of them but I'm not gonna upload).. so I'll show you the one papi edited and the one which is my face XD Sorry, no LJ cut, this is a crosspost from my tabulas journal so bleh :P

    Papi made this. Yay, I <3 Papi, lol.

    Kay, I'm not THAT white.. it's just the cam, rofl

    Kay.. dunno what else to blog about :P Erm.. ciao XD
    Note to self: Remodel journal layout tomorrow
    Currently Feeling: drained

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2004-02-13 00:10 (link)
I want to read more of your Battle Royale fic!! I want to read about Keita xD xD xD hee hee. It's good so far, but wow... lots of J-pop-ers ^^ Yummeh...

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2004-02-13 11:45 (link)
Oh I didn't know you read the fic! Woot! XDDD I think that's too many J-POPers... hard for me to choose how their character would progress, rofl XD Oh well! XD

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