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EvErything happEns for a rEason<3 (paradisexo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 10:16:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Ain't No Sunshine {Remix}.. DMX and Ja FOOL :X

    today is going to be THE MOST boring day everrrr

    im going to katies but shes at a bridal shower ALL DAY, then working from 4-9 so i wont be there til like 10 >:(
    i dont even know what we're doing tonite.. or if we're doing anything! hopefully we're gettin some chronic, but we'll probably go chill with Marsh n the DRC boys... blah if we dont do anything at all i won't care cuz i always have fun doing nothing and being stupid at katerbeans :D

    brockport lost last night. i didnt go to the game, but kelly told me.
    AHAHAHAHAHA shitty mang

    next saturday im going to buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully ill get to chill with the b3 girls, dan, and vincenzo. i know im def chillen with michelle, i miss her soo much! :) can't wait til summer '04!

    i had a fuckin weird dream last night... i had a dream that i was walking around this camp ground and matt was there. GRRRRR more like friggin' nightmare. I hate him.

    the other night i talked to brett O:) i love him! him n katie got into this fight hahaaa one minute man :-* katie is so funny, im glad shes my best friend.

    i really don't have much else to say

    peace +

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