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Paracake (paracake) wrote,
@ 2007-03-21 20:18:00
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Noel Yumul
2007-03-23 01:44 (link)
what a great novel!! its like a videogame that you can't stop playing.. but in this case i cant stop reading the book.. as if you were in the novel.. the way how they show the experience of the young man and woman i mean sexual experience . the author is telling us how this couple are doing it and the fact that the young man has a 4 year old son. i noticed that there's a distinct shift language in this section as well. the narrator uses technical names for sexual organs, as well as euphemisms such as "make love". through this chapter we can see a lot of this. The language shift also reflects the change in point of view, because the vulgarities were the thoughts of the woman, and the story here is filtered through an omniscient narrator.i realize that the reappearance of the black cat in this section shows that it is and will be an important symbol throughout the book. we all know that traditionally, black cats symbolize bad luck, and this cat is certainly surrounded by luck which is ironic. While he has the good luck of being able to escape the flood, his appearance follows one horrific event and comes before several others. Basically through this section, it's all about the sexual stuff that stand out the most. it's everywhere and the White Hotel is the place where they're doing it. As we see imagery and figurative language in this section too. i assume later there will be more imagery and figurative through out the novel.

My theories about this section is how they explained what's happening on the journal of how they do sexual stuff. not only the sexual stuff but also in the middle or towards end( i don't remember ) there's a disaster that occur which is flood and the fire that lead to many deaths. its crazy how they can do weird stuff just like what kristine said about two men sucking on a woman’s nipple at the dinner table and that's really crazy and kinda sick to me. i know that this is only for adults because of the sex and the experience of what they're showing. overall its a good thing that we're reading this kind of book because its really funn to read and its addicting.

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