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Dusk and her embrace (paprdollhart666) wrote,
@ 2004-10-01 21:38:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:same in the end x sublime

    good day. =)

    umm we had school pics today. everyone was making me fuckin laugh during mine so i looked like a retard. but my mom wanted a different background color, so i had to retake them anyways. and my eyes were hurting so they were all bloodshot, and i had this cracked out smile. so, im guessing i just look fantastic.

    school sucked other than that.

    after school i had an ortho appt. i dont have to get braces. =)

    then i went to ariels. we just tried to find a ride to the game.... eventually i just called my dad and told him to come at 6:30 and take us. ariels grandma went to las vegas for a few days, and her grandpa was at work, so sharon and two of her old saggy ass aunts were there. so at 6:15-ish, sharon said that ariel and brian couldnt go to the game unless their grandpa told them it was okay. he already said it was okay twice, but sharons just a bitch like that. so they called his cell phone again and again but he never picked up. so my dad came and we got on our shoes and started to leave but sharon said "ariel dont leave". and ariel just said okay. so we walked out and got in the car to leave. we backed all the way out of the driveway, almost to the street, and sharon comes out and starts waving to my dad to come back. so ariel says really fast "its okay she just had to give me money but i already got it" and my dad just laughed and pulled up to the house again. so sharon came up to the window and started yelling at my dad for taking her. so my dad got mad and... ugh big mess. she threatened my dad and said that if he took ariel off the property ashe would cal the cops and say he kidnapped ehr. fucking bitch. so my dad left because we thought jeremy was coming to get us. but he called my cell and said he couldnt come. so i called my dad back an he came to get us. after the game her granpda came to pick her up. so she probably getting in trouble now. =/

    anyways, at the game... uh i dunno. it was kinda boring.

    i was supposed to go to breanins after the game with collin ariel and brooke. but she lied to all us because she wants to be alone with colin, even though shes goin out with chris. wtf. asfasadlka.

    so then i was gonna go to brookes, but she had to go to her cousins or something. then i was just gonna sleep at curtises house, but i had to leave before him. so im just goin to brookes in the morning.

    im wearing mike campbells hoody haha. i spilled hot chocolate on the sleeve dammit. oh well. this hoody smells goooood lol.

    today me and ariel had a long talk about how big we thought guys dicks were. and then we talked about bretts penis for some time... oh god.

    nothing much to say.

    i gotta go smoke. bleh.

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