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Dusk and her embrace (paprdollhart666) wrote,
@ 2004-09-19 11:20:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:dust in the wind x kansas

    this blows.

    i went to johns party last night. even though im completely grounded forever, my mom said i could go for four hours. dunno why.

    it was incredibly boring. ariel sarah and carla werent there for some reason... they told me they were gonna be. i called ariel and nobody picked up. then i called sarah and troy said she went to carlas. i wouldve called carla but i couldnt remember her number but sarash was on caller id. i called ariel again at johns house but brian said she was sleeping. i tried talkin to her online, but she wouldnt answer me.

    the only people there that im friends with were john, matt, klinker, collin, jeff, paul, ted, campbell, chris cole, and robert. breanin was there too so i hung out with ehr most of the time. then john had these two catholic school girls there who looked like they were 8. seriously they were LITTLE girls. and i asked em how old they were and they said 13 and 14. BULLSHIT. but i dont really care.

    all in all, it was really boring. johns brother was supposed to bring a keg or at least beer. he never did.

    so i went home at like 10 because i wasnt allowed to sleep anywhere,

    ugh ill type later. im trying to talk to ariel right now.

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