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Dusk and her embrace (paprdollhart666) wrote,
@ 2004-09-01 20:02:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:googoo dolls x ill be

    im kinda pissed. im not sure why.

    a buncha people like.. LOVE elliott now. its kinda weird.

    i mean, i still love him to fuckin death. but i have for a while. oh well. i dont get it.

    for some reason, my dad wont talk to me. he was being an asshole the other day so i just kinda fuckkin freaked out. and now he wont talk to me. and ive been kinda talkin to him and all so i dont get what all this shit is about. oh well. i honestly dont care much.

    jordan fuckin stole my keyboard yesterday. so i have this gayass old one now. and it takes like fuckin forever to backspace and press the fuckin keys down. it actually hurts my hands to type long. oh well. at least my mouse wheel works now.

    im just kind of rambling about shit people dont care about.

    so i was lookin through a yearbook from 2001 today at school. mel was in 8th grade back then.

    and she got the biggest rebel thing. and jordo got it for high school last year. so im thinkin theyre gonna be disappointed if i dont get it. lol. i dont even know if i am a rebel. it depends how people define it. oh well.


    im really fuckin bored, i kinda wanna go to sleep so i can go to school. i hate the learning part. i just wanna see people.

    and i hope it rains tomorrow. i love going to school when its raining. because it just feels so nice to curl up in a hoody and lean on somebody. so elliott im going to lean on you next time it rains. and i feel really weird because i havent really been around you alot lately. and we used to be all over each other. and its just.. weird now. but i miss you. and that sounds gay. but i really do. even if it seems like i dont. i really love you.


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2004-09-01 21:34 (link)
ooo u love me im touched

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2004-09-01 21:56 (link)

youre supposed to say i love you back.

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2004-09-03 21:46 (link)
since i am supposed to say i love u back i love u

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