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Dusk and her embrace (paprdollhart666) wrote,
@ 2004-08-31 14:42:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:cradle of filth x the forest whispers my name


    so today was obviously the second day of school.

    carla brought me a cigarette. thank you dear, i love you soooo much. youre the cream to my coffee.

    my contacts were sooooo blurry today. i couldnt see anything. i had to literally have my nose touching my paper if i wanted to read it. blurred, if i squinted.

    so when i came home i walked in my front door. i was pretty sure i saw melani doing soemthing by the kitchen sink. and jordan walked bye me and says 'hey chels'. and i just said hey back. and then i went over to say hi to melani. but i didnt understand why jordan would actually say hi to me. so i turned around and said 'who did i just say hi to?'. and he said 'alexei.' lol. im such a dork. i thought alexei was my own brother when he was standing like an inch away from me.

    yea, so i put on my glasses. and i came back upstairs. and alexeis shirt had some weird girl on the back. at the top in small letters it said something like 'perversion sexuali' or something like that. and at the bottom it said 'DEAD GIRLS DONT SAY NO'. hes so queer. alexei has the coolest shirts. when melani met him at a mushroomhead concert, he had a shirt on that said 'jesus is a cunt'. and he wore a cradle of filth shirt one time that had a nun masturbating with a cross.

    ohhh my god. that remind me of something...

    for christmas last year i went shopping with megan mills and nikki scharf to get something for jordan. so we went in kool rags and i was looking for shirts. and in that place the tshirts are on the wall, so you can only see the square part of the shirt. and it said cradle of filth at the top, and had a guy nailed to a cross on it. so i decided i was gonna get that for him. so i looked at the number up on the square and told the cashier the number. he asked me what size and i told him extra large... so he just took it from a shelf where they were all folded and threw it in the bag.... it sat in my closet for a week or two, and eventually my mom had wrapping paper out, and a box to put the shirt in. so i took the bag downstairs and took the shirt out. i held it up to see it. and this is what i saw:

    "cradle of filth", with the man nailed to the cross. and, a nun giving him head. i turn the shirt over and see big huge words saying...


    so my mom and dad started laughing but my mom said she wanted me to get him something else. so i got him a kickass led zeppelin shirt.

    but we gave the cradle of filth shirt to my uncle. because hes such a dick. hes my favorite uncle. me and aaron always used to call him uncle dicknose.

    anyways... thats pretty much all i have to say.

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