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The Goddess of the Universe (paleteapot) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 18:34:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:NONE because this stupid school computer sucks!

    eglissh 2 and erin doo
    Olivia Sawyer
    Camper 2A

    “I didn’t know whether to act like the teacher I was or the ------ I was supposed to be” (Gaines ---). Grant Wiggins and every other black man and woman in Louisiana in the 1940s faced prejudices and injustices everyday in Ernest J. Gaines’ A Lesson Before Dying. The whites in Louisiana act overwhelmingly superior to the blacks, as their ancestors have for centuries. Their culture embeds this frame of mind so much that it seems impossible to break; nevertheless, the blacks in the quarter, and some whites, each in his own way, fight the stereotype society imposes upon them from birth: Blacks are less than and will never be equal to or better than the white man. Only a strong person and a strong character can fight society, as Ernest Gaines proves with Grant, Vivian, Paul, Jefferson, and Miss Emma.
    Through education, the teachers in the quarter and beyond believe they can rise above the stereotypical uneducated fool. “We’re teachers, and we have a commitment” (29). Vivian commits to her job in the community because she believes she makes a difference in the lives of her students; however, Grant does not realize his important place in society until the execution of Jefferson passes. Vivian is a strong character because even though she may not be in the streets protesting the whites’ behavior, her job has an even greater long-term impact on society’s injustices. The whites treat blacks as second-class citizens, and even though the blacks do not like the treatment, they accept it nonetheless. Through education, and with the strength of Grant’s character, this treatment is no longer accepted. “‘You’re smart,’ Guidry said. ‘Maybe you’re just a little too smart for your own good’” (49). Grant’s intelligence intimidates Guidry because it makes himself feel less superior. Grant is a strong character because he proves to be Guidry’s equal using his education. That is why, through the strength and perseverance of characters Vivian and Grant, education becomes the answer for future generations to achieve equality.

    make sure you close this next time you're in study hall! lol someone could do something mean. i don't know what, i am not fully aquainted with these hacker terms. btw, this is a goooood essay!! woohoo! okay well i am going to go and do something more interesting!! yay! except there is nothing to do. lol. i am in a good mood sí?

    im bored olivia!!! bored bored bored!!! what to do?!?!?! ahhhh!!! i never told you why i am here. i shall tell you. i was unable to study due to not wanting to or caring to, but my mother believes it is because of grandma so i am a really bad person. i have to take it on friday at 8 in the morning but still, that doesnt make up for the fact that i am here because she is dead. now i am really very sad. okaaaay. i am going to study. poo. well there is really nothing i want to study right now, so i shall type nonsense because the old keys sound very funny. laaaaaaaaaaa. bored bored bored.

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2004-01-27 09:26 (link)
HEY HEY! pretend i am katie because i have utterly forgotten my account and password. it was prety though. i think that the bottom portion of the entry is superb!! ryan says he understands. i am sleepy. i think that everyone is crazy but me. hmmmmmmmmmm. sleepy baweepy. i think everyone is going crazy. hmmmmm. okay

what a lovely star!

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