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Distant Vincent (paintkismet) wrote,
@ 2005-01-03 20:47:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Alkaline Trio "Armageddon"

    Before we say goodbye, give us something to believe in.
    I am bored. So I'm going to tell about myself. My name is April. I have a lot of nicknames... some of them are pretty funny. Apey, Avril, April Dew, Apey Rape-Me, Crow.... I can't remember any more. I always wished people would call me April Marie because I thought my first name sounded better with my middle name. Haha. I LOVE the arts. I paint, draw, write, and sing. I like to live life through art. I'm addicted to color and poetry and lyrics. I'm kind of passive/quiet... but I'm working on it. Um, I'm short. Really... 4'11" short. I have dirt brown tree eyes haha... and I'm a redhead. I like to drink tea. My favorite subjects in school are Art and French. I love speaking French and going to Montreal. Someday I want to fly to Europe and visit Ireland and France. Even though I HATE airplanes... it's scary being up that high with nothing supporting you. I'm afraid of thunderstorms too. I hate worms. Rain is pretty... but thunder and lightning are awful. I hate nuts. My favorite seasons are spring and autumn... just because of all the changes and the way they make people act. I can't wait til the dreary winter is over. I like flowers. Just looking at them and drawing them and drying/pressing them. They make me smile :). I love being outside, in the woods or down at the lake. I like fire. The sound of it. I hate TV. I love my friends. Well... I'm going to go to bed. Long day. 'Night. <3 ~*~April Marie~*~

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2005-01-07 20:09 (link)
Heh, theres nothing wrong with being short. lol. BFFL! ~Tarah

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