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James (paid_by_death) wrote,
@ 2004-08-19 14:57:00
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    I asdmit I mess up as well. I'm not perfect I have a habit of being late and I end up giving sara a hard time quite often. I end up saying things at time that get taken wrong and I feel bad for them. I worry that she will find someone more entertaining or whatever then me and leave me.
    stupid calls

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2004-08-19 23:46 (link)
"if you love someone, then there won't be anyone more attractive, richer, more desirable, etc." well i love you tracy. no one will be more entertaining, or better than you, because i love you and you are the one that i want. you are the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. and although we both mess up...everyone messes up at one point or another. and like you told me that lil (kiera) said - "if you love the person and have faith, then you can work through all your problems." we've been through a lot together already. if we fight and go through hard times, and we can get through it, then i believe that it will make us stronger.

i don't want anyone else but you.
it's like the line in that song by Brand New that i love:
"it's only you, beautiful, or i don't want anyone. if i can choose, it's only you." it is only you, tracy.

i love you.

and once again, sorry i made you worry today when you couldn't get ahold of me.

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