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James (paid_by_death) wrote,
@ 2004-08-15 00:56:00
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    just bored and say I want to puke!!
    puke I tell you
    tired of a lot of things right now
    work is getting to me, I'm tired of fighting, my dad has been getting to me, I miss my nephew and with that it is hard to see JaVal, I can't sleep at nights, tired of stress, miss being able to hang out with matt.
    why does life have to hit the shitter all at once rather then pieces at a time.
    life goes on though

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2004-08-16 17:47 (link)
well, believe me i can understand how one can get tired of a job, especially a somewhat uneventfull on eat night shift to boot... as far as the dad getting to you, well i can't really help that one any... but just remember, he is going through a lot of stress also.... it's like a pregnant lady biting your head off... you just can't be mad about it.

i can also understand how it could be hard to see your sister and i can really understand how you can miss your nephew... i know that i miss mine when i don't get to se them for a while, so i can just imagine your stance. and i miss being able to hang out with you also, if either of us could find the time to do so, i would really enjoy getting to see you for a while.

i personally think that a lot of it is from stress, maybe you need a vacation? also, see if you can find a job with some better hours, you'd be surprised at the difference a shift chnage can make...

anyhow, sorry i didn't get to talk to you last sunday, i wanted to call back but the phone was dead and i tried to call back when i got back to the parents but it was busy... tried to get you online, it said you were on, but no one replied, must have been one of the parents i guess... anyhow, i'll try to get ahold of you sometime or another.

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