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padme amidala (padme__amidala) wrote,
@ 2003-03-02 23:50:00
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    To answer a few questions; yes, this is indeed a character journal, I am in no way affiliated with the flanneled one or his amazing vision that is Star Wars. However, yes, I game ( roleplay, rpg, you get the point ) Padmé. I realize keeping a character journal isn't the most conventional means of gaming, but I enjoy it and there is quite a handful of amazing people that do so on this very server -- don't knock it until you try it.

    Usually I prefer freeform gaming next to Simulation or dice involved games, so what you'll be seeing is literature expressed descriptively, instead of through said examples. Also; I used to run a game under the name 'Dark Epic' and had quite an extensive website hosted on my domain, although the site was canceled and I've yet to buy a new one. Until then it's me hunting for an already established group which would need to be based around the prequel era.

    I'm absolutely obsessed with Star Wars and have been ever since I was a little girl, so I know my stuff, and I would very much like to meet others that do as well, and also happen to game. I currently am without partners in playing, so if anyone knows something I don't -- do pass along some information.

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Of course!
2003-03-11 18:54 (link)
Spectacular! You've been the first to ask to join. And by your OOC statement, you seem like a wonderful writer! I think the style of journaling you're talking about is the kind I expect ... No *action here* or such. Since no other characters besides Obi-Wan were taken, of course you may claim Padmé! I'm still not exactly sure where the time frame of this RPG will start--but, obviously, during the prequel era and possibly slightly before or during The Phantom Menace.

I'm in the process of making the main site for this group blog ring here. I'm almost done with it, so I do think it will be completely up and ready by the end of this week.

About talking to an Anakin roleplayer ... That would be just fine--as long as the player doesn't mind Anakin being as young as he was in Episode I. Heh. Oh, and this weblog might be around until we write of Episode III, so Padmé will be as old as she is, as I noticed, in your icon. Heh. I've just read your profile for this journal and .. wow, I'm absolutely impressed! I'll try to bring up the website as soon as possible so we can start the weblogs soon!

I look forward to it! If you have any other questions, go ahead and email me.

x. andrea

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2003-03-11 20:54 (link)

You're right, I was speaking of the journal based gaming. Yay. Thanks so much for letting me give a go at Padmé, I've missed playing her. I used to game on AOL, actually, but everyone stopped gaming Star Wars once the movie hysteria died off ( typical ) -- so, that left me with zero collaborators.

Thank you for the compliments, it was nice; I really like your journal layout, it inspired me to figure out how to make prettier journal's, which I did just recently, actually. *g* Anyhow, I sure will email you with some questions, since it can become a hassle to constantly check replies on post's for questions and/or answers -- it just drags it out more, despite it's intended conveniency.

I saved the website on IE -- look's like it'll be a decent page, given the splash. I'll probably send ya' an email later regarding the storyline ( even though I imagine it may be hard to determine without all the characters, but then maybe not ) because I'm curious about what you've thought up so far -- or what ideas you've been entertaining, because I don't mind playing Padmé as the Queen or as her current age, it's all good to me.

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