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Tina (p1nkus) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 19:00:00
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    Oh. My. God.

    How could you not want this cutie?! 'Cause I sure as hell do!!

    ....but his brother (Dale) will have to do. Hahaha. What if, I repeat, what if Dale and I end up together one day and he finds out I was saying all this stuff about his brother? Hahahahahahaha. But I won't have to worry about that now will I? But yes..I TALKED TO HIM YESTERDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pees pants* After Fall Play practice, we were cleaning up the gym and he was rolling up this mat on the floor so of course, me thinking "Wonderful! Conversation starter!" I go up to him and say "Need help?" with a patheticly dorky smile. He kinda gives me a half smile and he's like, "Sure." Of course by then I'm beaming - I bet you could see the happiness radiating from my body. Hahaha. So I helped him with the mat and he screwed up folding them and so we both kinda giggled and we picked up the mat to put it into the closet. Then, without warning, he THROWS the mat into the cupboard and I'm practically thrown in with it!! HAHAHA. *cringe* I was like "WOAH!" Hahahaha. He could have at least TOLD ME he was going to throw it in there! Oh well.
    I saw him again today - he was waiting with Seb outside Mrs Suzuki (the nurse)'s office. I was going to go see her to get a headache pill. So of course Sam starts blabbing away with him (BIITCH) and I'm left standing there like a moron. I swear I'm going to kill her one day. One day...Grrrr.

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2003-10-30 06:12 (link)
RAWR im gona kill sam along with you. heheheheh muahahahah heheheheh hahahaha hih ihihihihi swwweeeeeeet REVENGE. fuk i sound like a friggen axe murderer. muahahaha ;) lol argh i dont wnana go tomorrow. please kill me too. no wait dont cuz TOBY DREWS so fuking cute... actually not really but he has a cute smile. hehehehe dale wanted you to fall into the closet so he cud help you out DUH hahahaha man you just dont get it. ;) lol FALLLL honey for HIM *SIGH* miss ya gorgeous. xoxoxoxooox MEEEE

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2003-11-02 01:03 (link)
haha wat is it with guys these days. CANT get themselves on the RIGHT track MOOOOOOOO stupid fuckers. HATE THEM. heh DALE AND TOBY shall hafta miss out if they dont get their facts right sooner or later. They can go off into the sunset together. hahaha wth? anyway TOBY better not like NICOLE because thatd suck balls. YES ahhh i think im going to seriously give up on the male species (sounds like their some lab experiment muahaha) very soon. haha cept you kno clinton (the guy you were helping with hahahahaha you rock) well nicole likes him :S uh oh. heh well i better go. xoxoxoxox miss ya tons. ahhhh dont wanna play bball tonight. STOMACH ACHE!! :S MUAH

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