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Tina (p1nkus) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 15:22:00
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    Oh yess

    Ohh yess

    I had play practice today -and it absolutely sucked balls because someone *cough*SAM*cough* kept flirting with Dale -- NON STOP. !@#$ I'm never ever ever ever going to tell her who I like, EVER. But it's cool, 'cause he smiled and said "Bye" today to me. SCORE. Haha.

    Preeti made me brownies today - so that made my day. :) It was good to see everyone after being sick forever. It's good to be back. :D xo

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2003-10-25 04:10 (link)
edens mine hahaha you can have dale. back off YOU. fuk you idiot you told her who you like. big ass mistake there girl!! sorry but you shud have known that. never ever... (this shud b a commandment) yes here we go new 11th commandment... "thou shall never ever tell Samantha Jaye Barnes who thou hast a crush on" heh yes good idea that one. fuker hate her stupid guts... *DIE GIRL DIE* hahah miss you tons. dont worry he go for the more suttle approach... heh ;) helike the "hard to get" kinda gal... i hope :) if he has any common sense :) muah miss ya tons. xooxxoxox

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