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Ashley (p0pstar_ash) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 11:05:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:Hot by PLAY

    Bah, it's 11am and i'm so tired. I shouldn't even be awake yet. I have to work at 3 though so woo hoo. Not.

    Okay, around 3 we went to Zack's yesterday and they were so fuckin' boring. They were either inside smoking cigars or outside skateboarding. So at like... 6:30 we left and ate and went back at 8. We had a lot more fun after that. It was me, Jen, Zack, Brian, Robert, Ryan and Anthony. Ryan and Robert are fuckin' hilarious, mind you.

    Mk, we were just all hanging out in Zack's room watching everyone switch around playing PS2 and I was laying on the bed with Jen and Brian and just like blah. ;) So we just messed around and hung out for a while.

    Then around like 10 everyone was bugging me to kiss Brian and they left us in Zack's room. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I was like 'What'd he say?' and Brian goes 'Nothing.' and I said 'Did he talk to you?' and he said 'Yeah.' and I said 'What'd he say?' and he says 'Nothing.' I couldn't help but laugh. So then I was like 'They want us to kiss.' and he's like 'Yeah.' and I was like 'Do you want to?' and he had the friggen cutest face. He was like nodding and goes 'Yeah.' and I was friggen surprised. He leaned in and kissed me. But um, he was like a;ldkjfdkjfldk and I was like 'Slow down.' Okay, enough going into detail.

    So yeah. And then we were hanging out in Zack's room again and I was sitting on Robert's butt. He was laying down. And HI, I love his butt. OMFG, I love his butt. It's muscly. He kept flexing his butt muscles and i'm like overly obessed with his ass now.

    MAGAW! <-- randomness.

    I'm so tired, man and I gotta catch up and update all of my RPG journals.


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2003-09-01 18:40 (link)
awww lol. so think u and brian will hook up?

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2003-09-01 19:26 (link)
they already did hook up lolz. asghasjgh but newayz, do u think u 2 will end up goin out? That'd be cute. pictures. now haha. AWWW how CUTE u were his first kiss. haha (i think?)


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2003-09-02 12:52 (link)
haha no i dont think i wanna go out w/ him ne more. :-x

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2003-09-02 13:39 (link)
awww! Was he that bad of a kisser ? lolz

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2003-09-02 01:03 (link)
a muscle-ly butt? - sry that cracks me up lol

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2003-09-02 12:52 (link)
it cracks everyone up but its true, man hahaha

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2003-09-03 14:46 (link)

soundsl like fun. muscley-asses
are nice :-\

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sup sups up
2004-06-16 14:58 (link)
how cute! i wish mah homeboi kissed me like dat! dude dat woulda kiss assed.. i really lik todd! but idk wat to do but U GO GIRL!! idk u but o well hahahehehe i saw u on google so i was lik y not check it out!

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2005-03-27 18:53 (link)
haha Ash, as much as I love you... this entry just gets to me so much. idk what it is.. lol It's just, too much details. *deep sigh* I love you though. I miss him.. :\


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