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504 (ozmargaret) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 22:43:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:trendy - rbf

    the weekend was pretty much 'lets see how much softball we can make teenagers play.' so thats what happened. we had a football game saturday night, too. we marched really crappy, but oh well. the stands were fun as usual. me jordan and karl decided that when we're super seniors we are going to definitely have a trumpet trio...uhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i still have about 4 hours of homework to do. i'm about halfway through with this english myth. its so stupid. we have to just 15 completely obscure words in this. my words are...: macrocosm, anonymous, monogamous, dysfunction, microorganism, misogyny, misandry, monolith, atrophies, dyspepsia, anemia, dysphoria, dyslogistically, anesthesia, and eupepsia. So basically I picked the most normal words that I saw and used those. I have about 200 words in it so far and I have all my sentences that I've used the words in, but it has to be 500 words....sooo yeah I better get to work considering its almost 11 and i'm on my parents computer. after i finish this i have to study for my french quiz and english and chem test...i'm going to fail the chem test until haley and lindsay let me cheat. because i dont understand any of it. oh well.

    i'm going to go procrastinate some more. i'm so tired that i cant spell anymore.


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