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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 22:28:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Pearl Jam, "I Am Mine"

    My week up to Friday night
    Woah, it's been a whole week. I really need to write in this thing more often.

    Anyways, Christie's on my bus now, which is kinda cool, cuz now I have someone to hang out with before school, but it kinda sucks cuz of the circumstances. In the musical we're actually running straight through songs now, so that's kinda nice, but I really have to practice, because next time I play is a dance rehearsal, so I have to learn all the dance parts and be able to play it up to speed. I've got all this week off though, becuase of one acts. YaY. Speaking of which, I want to call Lucy and Sarah and see if the want to go see the One Acts with me. We keep saying we're gonna get together and we haven't gotten around to it yet. Sarah asked Max and I to go to Willowbrook with them on Friday, but we had rehearsal so we couldn't. Blah.

    On Wednesday Sarah, Matty and their friend (Jeff maybe?) I can't remember his name, came to visit before choir, which was cool. After choir Chris' dad was over 15 minutes late coming to pick him up and we had to stay and wait with him. Mr Horning was leaving when they got there. It's so stupid that he leaves Debby to wait with him when it's HIS choir. It should really be his responsibility.

    SCCcc got accepted to Kathaumixw!! YaY! I can't wait, it's gonna be SO much fun... I really wish Max and Tyler, and maybe AJ were in Chamber choir too though. It's gonna be awsome, but it would be more fun if they were there too. Oh well, maybe this time I'll NOT be sick for the tour, and I'll actually meet people from other choirs.

    I got out of musical rehearsal early on Friday, which meant that I had almost an hour from the time I left until I had to leave for the Eagle's game. Fun. After the Eagle's game we all went to Danica's house and hung out and watched Nightmare Before Christmas. It was fun, and we got a chance to look at the catalog for shirts too. I'm gonna get the red one with black sleves and I'll either have that one, or a different one with the "harmonize this" on it. Plus, I think we're going to get our choir numbers on our old shirts, because we're just that cool.

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