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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 22:25:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:"Hello" by Evanescence

    Best Weekend Ever!
    Thursday I had my Chem final. I'm not sure how I did, but MEH.

    I walked home because I didn't feel like waiting until after 3:00 for the bus, but I hung around until people went into the History exam. It started raining just after I left and I stopped at Max's for a while on the way home and just hung out there until he went to work.

    Friday I got to stay home. I got woken up at like 9:00 or something by the stupid dogs though and couldn't get back to sleep, so that kinda sucked.

    Saturday we went to fencing and I found out that it was Mrs. Hall's birthday.

    After fencing I got dropped off at Max's and we phoned Spot because we wanted to organize Kirstin's suprise party, but she wasn't home, so we went shopping. We were origionally going to just go to Penninsula Village and then bus to Tapestry. Anyways, we started out at Penninsula Village to go to the new store there and then we went up to the Library so Max could see the "one" and "two" buttons on the toilets and we both got a library card while we were there. Then we looked around Deals and walked through Semiamhoo Mall. Then we were going to go for lunch, so we went to the Malaysian resteraunt, but it was closed, so we started walking down towards Tapestry to look for resteraunts. We were going to try the Thai resteraunt but they were closed too, so we went to Tapestry first. Max got another Josh Groban song and the original version of "Vincent Stary Stary Night" and we saw a shirt that said "Got Music?" and we were going to buy it for Mrs. Hall, but it was $20 and we didn't think she'd wear it much, buth then we saw a "Got Music?" mug and we figured she'd use it more and it was a lot cheaper, so we got that instead. We also got really cool shoelaces. One pair has a staff with music on it and the other is piano keyboards and we both took one of each.

    After we went to Tapestry we decided to go to the Five Corners Cafe for lunch, but we got there just after 2:00 and there were people still eating there but they were just closing so we went up to the Yucca Tree Cafe - Mrs. Rodgers has recommended that place. The food there is really good and it's pretty decnetly priced too. Max had a Mexican burger and I had vegan chili.

    We left the resteraunt at around 3:00 and started walking to Step's to give Mrs. Hall her present. On the way there we clocked our speed for a mile and we figured out that we walk a mile every 15 minutes. Go Us! lol. It had just started raining as we were leaving the resteraunt. We got to Step's at 4:00 and were pretty wet. Mrs. Hall invited us in so we stayed for a while and had hot chocolate and talked.

    Mrs. Hall offered us a ride home, but we refused because we felt like walking. We phoned Spot again to see if she was home so we could drop over and plan Kirstin's party, but it turns out she was in Hong Kong, so we phoned Hil and went there instead, of course it was pouring rain when we left and we were soaked by the time we got there. She had a guy called Tristan over but she said we could go over anyways.

    I don't know what time we got to Hil's, but we stayed for a while and we got to see the room they're making in the garage. It's a really nice green color and they're going to cover one of the walls with New Yorker covers - they're all cartoons - it's going to look really cool.

    We had Tristan phone Kirstin's house so he could ask to talk to Kirstin's mom and hand the phone over to one of us, but she wasn't home. All we really accomplished was deciding on 4:30 as the time we were all going to meet at the end of Kirstin's street.

    It was pouring when we left Hil's and we walked back to Penninsula Village to have dinner. Of course, we were walking slower on the way home, so it took longer for us to get back. We were walking along 24th and it was pretty dark and our glasses were totally covered in water which made it that much harder to see. We'd be walking along the sidewalk and all of a sudden we'd be on the grass because we couldn't see what was sidewalk and what was grass or puddles. It took us probably half an hour or more to realize that if we took off our glasses we could actually see.

    When we got to Penninsula Village we went to London Drugs so Max could buy a phone card and Chirstina's boyfriend was working there, which is totally irrelivant.

    We got the Chinese Dinner For Two at Safeway because it was on sale and we were really hungry, $9.99 for two medium rice or noodle dishes, two medium entrees, two spring rolls and two pops. Ridiculously good deal. We ate dinner there and then walked back to Max's and I hung out there until around 10:30. I didn't want to go home, but Dad didn't want to come pick me up any later than that.

    The whole day was SO much fun. Just the mood was so awsome and we got a chance to really talk with all the walking and then just hanging out afterwards and we really don't get enough time to do that any more. *tear and three quarters* (Yes, that deserves more than just a half.) We decided that sometime we are going to go to Safeway and buy stuff from the deli and bakery and bring a picnic blanket and have a picnic in the middle of the food court-ish area where you can sit down and eat, and if they kick us out we'll go outside and have our picnic in a parking spot. We were talking about it at school today and Scot wants to come with us when we do it. I want to get a bunch of people together for it.

    On Sunday I went shopping with Mom at Stupid Store. It was so packed it was ridiculous.

    We got home with about ten minutes before I had to leave to go to Kirstin's. It was so awsome. She actually didn't expect it. Apparently Max told her we weren't going to do it so get over it and Danica said it would be too hard to get everyone together because we're all so busy and a lot of people weren't around all weekend so Kirstin was kind of bummed out.

    Anyways, her parents had told her that they were going to go out for an early dinner and Kirstin was getting all pissed off because no one was getting ready and then we showed up. We blindfolded her and put her in the "Birthday Girl" cape I made and the balloon hat Max made, which was awsome by the way. It had three flowers sticking out around the edges and a big flower standing up in the middle with a bee on it. Then we walked her down the street to where Mrs. Hall and Deb were waiting and Lindsay had her car. When we got to Earl's Kirstin thought we were in Penninsula Village.

    Kistin really liked our present. She wore the toque to school today - Carlene told her it was ugly and that she smells - and she asked me to draw on the tile for her, but I haven't finished it yet. She also got an duck clock that Step stuck Orlando Bloom's face on and an Orlando Bloom poster that she stuck ducks all over from Step. Some Chinese paining from Lindsay, a candle chandelere thing from Danica, something from Vida from Kristen, I can't remember what it was right now, and I can't remember what Hil or Tyler got her either.

    I went to the bathroom and I missed the bringing out of the cake and the singing. Made me sad.

    Kate was at the resteraunt with her mom and some other lady, so after we had cake I went and talked to her for a while. It's kind of funny. Her mom made some comments and they seem to have the same sense of humor. She seems pretty cool.

    After Earl's everyone but Hil and Kristen went back to Kirstin's house. They'd both been out all weekend and were too tired.

    We saw Kirstin's room, which she painted light purple, and hung around for a while, then went to the Peace Arch to sing. Then we went back to Kirstin's and Max and I were going to get a ride home with Tyler, but Dad had gotten tired of waiting for me to call and had just left when I phoned to tell him not to come.

    This morning was the first day with the new bus schedule. Carlene wants to get up first now, so I don't have to be out of bed until 7:00, which is really nice, but I don't have the time to sit around and go on the computer and stuff in the morning, which kind of sucks because I like to be able to relax before school. I don't like the new time in the morning. We didn't get to school today until after the second bell had rung. It sucks. I like to be there early. Maybe not quite as early as the bus used to get there, but I'd like to at least be there by 8:00 so I can have time to veg out or talk to people. I don't get my morning Autumn time any more. lol. Plus always used to be my homework time if I needed it.

    My courses this semester are:
    E: Psych with Mrs. Rodgers - Autumn and Scott are both in my class. SCORE!
    F: Physics with Buller - I don't really have any friends in that class, but Troy's in the class.
    G: Band with Owens (duh) - MAX IS IN BAND!!!!! I'm so happy. He has to re-learn the flute, but he'll be able to do it. There's also Nicole and Elissa...all the band people, except Janet isn't in band now.
    H: Lit with Peterson - Autumn, Kate, Guido, Max Forrester, Sohie (damn) Katie (damn) Kylie (I just feel awkward with her around. I keep guilt tripping myself, and I know I deserve it) and there's this one really irritating kid, but I don't know what his name is.

    I got to Lit. a bit late today because I was changing my course and I ended up sitting behind Autumn. She was sitting between Kate and Sophie, and I was actually kind of jealous of Sophie. I know...I'm pathetic. I don't really think Autumn likes me as more than a friend anyways, so that just makes it stupider. Blah.

    I feel kind of bad about taking Lit. I'd already told Bean that I had I'd be her spare buddy in that block, but then I figured it would be a good idea to have another provincial just in case, plus Dad was seriously pressuring me to take the class as soon as I told him I could take it if I wanted to. I went and talked to Peterson at nutrition break today and she said that it was a really interesting course and she'd been hoping that I would take it because she thinks I'll really like it and she can't see me getting anything less than an A in the class, which is good. The problem is that it's a really heavy course and I'm going to be insanely busy for at least a couple weeks with the musical and I'll have no spare and Physics too, but I guess I'll manage.

    After school Spot and Lindsay showed up at school. They were going to take Kirstin out for her birthday since Spot had just gotten back from Hong Kong a few hours before and had missed her birthday. Max and I sent them out to the bus loop to look for her, but the bus had already left, so we went out to McDonalds with them instead.

    Apparently Spot wants to steal Max from me for the prom because she saw a dress at some store in Hong Kong that she really likes and her mom said she'd buy it for her if she got invited to a prom this year.

    The rehearsal today was okay. We got three of the Adoramus songs and the one from Tarzan. We really didn't get much done though, so I was kind of disappointed by that.

    Anyways, it's getting late so I'm going to go to bed now......double block of Lit tomorrow.

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