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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 16:42:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:"Carmena Burana" by Carl Orff

    Today was SO much fun!
    We went to see Who on sunday. It was fun. We went and watched the parade, which was freakishly long and really repetitive, but there was the Carnival Band, which was pretty cool. After the parade we walked around China Town and Who went back to her house to cook. We watched the dragon dace where they go and take the lettuce from all the stores and that was really neat. Then we went back to Who's for dinner. It was really good, but she kept making us eat more, just like last year. She kept pilling more and more food into Max's bowl, it was funny because he eats less than I do.

    According to mom Who was saying something to her about when Max and I get married. Arg. Like that's going to happen. My mom was warning us that she'd think we were dating on the way in and she said something about how it would be interesting to see what would happen if someone was gay and took their date in. Max and I both almost cracked up after that one. I'm thinking an interesting experiment next year if we go see her again would be to either a) take two guys, I'm thinking Max and Tyler or b) take in a chick...and if she was actually my girl friend that would just make it better. lol.

    Monday I got to stay home and sleep in. YaY. I wasted pretty much the whole day on the computer, but I think I studied a little bit.

    Yesterday I had my English and French provincials. I think I did relatively well on both of them. Max, Autumn, Bean and maybe a couple other people and I were playing cards before the exam and Mrs. Peterson was going around the commons area giving people smarties "to make you smart--er" and she was going around handing them out again in the gym just before we started and when she got to my desk she said she expectes me to ace the exam. I was trying to figure out if that was supposed to be pressure or reassurance, and I think it was supposed to be a bit of both. At lunch we just hung out with the normal people, plus Veronica. After lunch I hung out with Megan and Theresa until the French exam. It was really funny because Megan was all pissed off because she couldn't get pot anywhere and then she kept asking people for Tylonol and saying "and by Tylonol, I mean pot." It was special.

    I actually studied for Math for about two hours last night. I was proud of me. I didn't think I'd actually get around to it.

    This morning when Autumn got to school she asked if I wanted to do something because we were both going to be there all day, so she went uptown with Max and I. Max didn't show up until after 8:30 because he was up late last night because his basement flooded. Autumn was getting so impatient it was hillarious.

    Max went to see Mr. Harmond about the putting an add in the program and Autumn and I were waiting in the little hallway thing that goes into the theater and she pointed at Richard in the Les Miserables picture and goes "would you ever sleep with a guy like that?" and I said "I wouldn't sleep with a guy" and she just said "well that answers that question."

    Then we finally went uptown and we walked through the mall but almost everything was closed so we wound up walking around Zellars. Then we went over to the strip mall accross the road and we went into a craft store and asked if they had any duck things and the lady gave us a bag of little duck cut-outs that she'd colored so we decided to go around to all the stores and see what they would give us for Kirstin's present. It was SO much fun. We got Halloween nail polish from Shoppers, depends and an elbow brace from another store, a wine glass that the paint had bubbled on from an art store, name tags and labels from a sign store, dog food from a pet store, a hideous toque and a hat from Knitopia, a tile from a flooring store and a bee keychain that only had one wing from Vida and a mask someone painted. Then we went to the Sally Ann and I tried on snake skin pants. Max tried them on first, but they didn't fit and Autumn tried on a dress that was really short and tight and I liked it. lol. I got a really bright shirt. It's great.

    We also went to Tapestry and Max bought sheet music for a Josh Groban song that I can't remember the name of at the moment.

    We went for lunch at the chinese place that Max calls Betty's Place. It was really good and cheap too. Autumn said something about Max being gay, and she said she was kidding and Max told her. It was kind of funny because she was kind of freaking out because she wouldn't believe him. She was like "You're kidding. With Kayla I kinda figured." lol. Then she's like "This is so great, I can go check out guys with Max (yes, she has actually started calling him Max) and I can check out girls with Kayla." .....and she said something about threesomes. lol. But it was funny because you've got me, then Max and then Autumn, the "happy medium."

    We met Keith (I finally know his name!) as we were leaving the resteraunt so he started walking back to school with us. He seems like a pretty cool kid. When we were near the water resevoir thing we realized that we'd left our tile at the resteraunt and Keith ran all the way back for it. We were walking back to meet him and when we met he started appoligizing about being so slow. I didn't know this until today, but he has teretz. It's not really that noticable. He's a really neat person though and he's hillarious. He acts a little like Max with the odd comments and such, but not really that unusual.

    We got back to school about twenty to one, so we still got to the exam on time. I was talking to Autumn when we were waiting for everyone to get ready and it turns out that she REALLY likes Max. lol. She kept on going on about how much it sucks because she can get just about any guy she likes except for all the gay ones. I think the fact that I found it really funny kind of annoyed her, although it had a lot to do with the fact that just about everyone seems to have a thing for him. Then we started talking about how much the liking gay guys (for her, obviously) and straight chicks, sucks and I wound up talking about Hil, suprise, suprise. Then Autumn decided to point out all the attractive girls in our grade to me, she never got any farther than Christie. Apparently the first time Autumn talked to her she scared the crap out of her because it was her second day at school, she didn't know anyone and Autumn went up to her and says "So, do you want to go out some time?" It was pretty funny. We were talking about how gorgeous Christie was - well, actually, Autumn was doing most of the talking, but I agree completely - and Autumn called to Christie accross the room asking if she remembered the first time they met. It was amusing. Christie came over and Autumn started telling her that we were talking about how gorgeous she is and Christie did a headstand and Autumn started talking about how she was so tempted to grab Christie's ass. lol.

    The test was a BITCH. I took about two and a quarter hours, I never took that long on any of the mocks, and I didn't even get an answer for two of the written ones. ARG. I'm hoping they scale the marks, because Mom even said that a math teacher at her school said that that's the hardest final he's ever seen.

    I missed the bus finishing (kind-of) the test and then I had to wait until 4:10 for Dad to get there to pick me up. Not fun. I wouldn't have minded if there was someone there to talk to, but Andrew and Tony had left and so had Mme. Brown and Ms. Pollock so I pretty much stood there for fifteen minutes or so. Ooo, but I got a question right - at least I'm pretty sure I got it right - that Sun got wrong. Go me!

    Anyways, dinner is ready so I'm going to go now.

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