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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 20:40:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:"Carmena Burana" by Carl Orff

    I had the best day yesterday
    So, choir was pretty good on Wednesday. We got the song "Away From the Roll of the Sea," which is a really good song. I think I've done it before, but I'm not sure about that. I've definitely heard it though.

    Hil brought her grafitti jacket that Spot gave her for Christmas and I got to draw on it. YaY! It made me happy, but the stupid singing kept interfering with my drawing.

    Thursday when Autumn got to school we went into Mrs. Rodger's room and she kept asking me questions from the "Book of Questions" that Mrs. Rodgers has. It was interesting. This kid that always comes and talks to Autumn came in and wrote "Jesus is a terrorist" on the board and I said "If you don't believe in gosh you'll be darned to heck" and Autumn had to tell him what it meant and then he freaked out because he thought I was religious and was going to freak at him. It was funny. We finished watching 1984 in English. Good book, awful movie, but Autumn and I talked, so it was interesting. It felt like she was psychoanalyzing me though, it was kind of odd. I told her about the dream I had where my dad was going to shoot me, minus the parts with her in them, and she kept asking me about my relationship with him and stuff. But hey, if she does go into psychology she'll probably be good at it.

    I had a double block of French and Ochnio gave us a test on verbs and stuff that she used to give as a final, except she let us do it open book. She said it would be worth quite a bit and she'd only count it if it brought our mark up, but I got 90% on it, so YaY! Then after lunch we did more work sheets and she said we didn't have to go to class on Friday unless we wanted help with something, which was awsome.

    Friday morning I helped Theresa with her math. Then I went to chem, studied for a while, got bored and started drawing a celtic knot. Then I went to English and did our 1984 unit test. Autumn got annoyed because I was taking to long to finish and then I worked on my knot instead of talking to her, but in my defense she moved up and sat at the front corner when there was a free seat closer to me. Then in the first block of Math I finished drawing the knot, which is really cool by the way.

    At lunch Carlene came and draged me down to get sibling photos taken for the year book, so we'll probably be in that. Max, Scott, Russle and I think someone else got their pictures taken together but they can't really put them on the siblings page because they're not siblings.

    After lunch I went back to Math, finished going over my celtic knot and got bored and went to see Bean. She wasn't in PAPA so I went down to the commons area and she was there with Chelsea, so I went and got my stuff and stayed down there. I started drawing on my book and then I said I needed someone to draw on or something and Guido said I could draw on her, so I drew on her, and Bean asked me to draw on her after I finished Guido. Her exact words were "Do me! Do me in blue!" and Guido was like "You want her to do you in a blue thong?" lol. Then Megan came and wanted me to draw on her but I had to have her wait until I finished Bean. It was great.

    Guido made a comment about how her hand was in my cleavage. I have cleavage?!?! Who knew? ...Guido apparently. I pretty much said "Deal with it." Then when I was drawing on Megan she's like "My hand's on your boob." "yes, yes it is." I also got gropped by Megan, which I was kind of expecting, but whatever. Apparently she hasn't dated in four whole months because she decided she was going to stop portraying herself as a slut and guys just stopped liking her. Special. Then I made some comment about how I kind of miss grab tag and I got grabbed again. lol. Megan said she liked her drawing the way it was and about ten seconds later the bell rang. Talk about good timing. I probably would have just kept going until she had to leave or the bus was going to be there. Megan also mentioned getting me to do a real tatoo on her. I think she might actually be serious, which is really cool, but kind of odd. I don't think it would ever actually happen though, with the whole me not knowing how to actually give someone a tattoo and the not owning a tatoo needle and all. It's the coolest compliment though.

    After school I got upstairs and Bean comes over to me and was like "Josh kissed me!" He is one odd kid. She barely even knows him and he just came and gave her a peck on the cheek out of nowhere, which is odd even for him. Especially with the Hilary-ness lately.

    I was in the weirdest mood after school. I had way too much energy and I was in a really good mood and it was strange. I kept on saying the weirdest things and I kept on making this weird croaky noise in my throat and acting like a screwed up bird, and I was having way too much fun with it.

    Max and I went to youth group. Megan had something planned for Chinese New Year's which I was expecting to be really stupid, but she forgot the sheet at her mom's house, so I don't even know what she had planned. We ended up painting the walls. Actually, everyone else painted. I roughed out a drawing on a wall in pencil which Max and I were going to paint in a rainbow gradient, but it goes to skinny in some parts so I think we're going to do it in black and do the background in rainbow colors. The rainbow-ness should really get the wheels turning in Megan's head, but MEH. Good for her. It's not like she'd be wrong or anything. We had fortune cookies too. I love fortune cookies, they're fun.

    I want to keep working on the wall next time. I think Max wants to paint it, but I want to fill up the rest of the wall first. It could take a while though. Probably another half hour or so at least.

    After youth group we went over to Lindsay's because she'd invited everyone over for a games night. It was only Max, Lindsay, Kirstin, Step and I, and we didn't end up playing any games, but MEH. We watched the Choral Stage video and sat around and talked. Lindsay and Hil are planning on going to Vancouver so Hil can get her tregis pierced and Lindsay wants to get a tattoo of a celtic knot that's four hearts. It's pretty cool. The thing is, Hil isn't old enough to get any piercings without parental consent, and Lindsay isn't old enough to get a tattoo for another month and I think they're planning on going on not this Monday coming up, but the next Monday. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't take a signature unless the parents were actually there and Lindsay isn't going to tell her parents about the tattoo.

    Anyways, it was an awsome day. I probably drew for over six hours and I think it screwed up my back a bit, but MEH!

    This morning we had fencing. It was fun and it's actually quite a workout if you get into it. I was fencing with some chick called Stacy, I think, and it was a lot of fun. I think we were pretty evenly matched. Chris showed up for her class after ours and she said most of the people she knew from the last one didn't take it again. Most of the class was little kids. Chris may have been the oldest person there.

    After fencing we went and dropped off a cd I burned Tyler for a project - they have to change the words of a song for Social Studies - and picked up a recording of Carmena Burana so I could burn it. I made copies for Max, Step and I.

    After lunch I went to Theresa's and tutored her in Math. I got $10 for it and we sat around and talked for a while, so that was cool. She has a really nice house, but they might have to move in June or something because her dad is paying for it right now.

    I actually studied today. It was so weird. I probably worked for like two hours and managed to listen to all of Carmena Burana and then some. There are some pretty odd parts. I think I'm on my third time through at the moment and I listened to around half of it before that.

    Anyways, I'm going to Max's now, so I'm gonna go.

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