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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 19:47:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:"Beat Me" by Custom

    Yesterday I when we were leaving to go to Spot's play I had "Killing me Softly" stuck in my head and I kept on humming it and I turned on the radio and it was on, it was kind of cool, because I really wanted to hear it.

    The play was actually pretty decent, but it was really odd. All the cast wore solid black and they just had props and some masks. Spot's music was pretty good too, she improvised it all. I got there fifteen minutes early because Dad had to be at Morgan Creek for dinner by 7:00, but Hill showed up pretty soon after I did so we talked for a while. She kept going on about Ian, it was funny, she's really cute when she gets all excited about something. Step, Danica and Kirstin were there too. The Elgin theater is tiny, it's wider than it is long and all the seats are connected so when one person moves, the whole row moves. Hil phoned her parents and got her mom to go buy flowers for Spot and after the show Step had to go home and the rest of us went to DQ because the cast was going there. Then we went to Spot's house and hung out there for a while. Spot asked for my blog, but I told her I don't give it to people and she said "Doesn't that defy the point?" which I don't get. I don't really care if people read this, but I don't particularily want to just give it to my friends because I don't usually tell them everything, and isn't the whole point of keeping a journal or a blog to write about your life and your thoughts for yourself? I need to get a real journal though, because I'd like to be able to write whenever I want instead of just when I'm online.

    Hil and Danica were talking about how some kid at their school apparently tried to hang himself and the branch broke and I said something about how it's weird how you hear about things like that and you don't ever really think about it happening to you and your friends and everyone else was like, "not really." I don't think I worded it too well, but Hil kind of got what I was saying. She said it's like you hear about things and it all seems so removed from your life and then you realize that it really isn't. I just find that when it's happening my life just seems normal because I'm lving it, but then if I look at it from a different viewpoint, I find myself thinking, I know people that are into drugs, and I know people who get depressed - hell, I'm one of them - I know people that have tried to kill themselves, I'm gay, I have friends who are gay or bi, and people who are getting kicked out of their houses. When it's happening you just go with it, but every once in a while I start to think about things and that's when it really hits me. I guess part of it is that the way I look at people is by seeing them as a person overall and then every once in a while, it hits me that they fit into a stereotype, or I fit into a stereotype and it seems odd to me to see people that way.

    I want to tell Spot, but I'm pretty much never alone with her. Blah. I could have told her and Danica yesterday but I didn't. I'm not entirely sure why, but I kind of want to tell Spot before Danica. Bean and Spot are the people I want to tell right now, and Mrs. Rodgers, kind of.

    Spot broke up with her boyfriend. It's kind of odd how her and Hil both broke up with their boyfriends so close together.

    This morning I we had our first fencing lesson. We showed up and Step was there. She said that she didn't know I was taking it, but I'd mentioned it to her when she said she'd gotten lessons for Christmas and I asked her when it was and she didn't know. Mrs. Hall said that I should ask her things like that, not Step.

    Fencing was fun. The stuff we learned today was pretty straight-forward. It'll probably be more fun when we get into more difficult stuff.

    After fencing I Mom and I went to T&T. It was fun, I've got all my lunches for next week and some drinks and a bunch of different tofu deserts to try. We got aloe vera in juice and we tried some after dinner today. It's really good. It tastes a tad bit like lie-chee.

    Carlene has Erin over working on their Utopia project for TOK. She seems like a neat kid. She's lived in Nigeria and gone to boarding school and stuff.

    I can't wait to see Hil tomorrow. She said she's getting her tregis pierced today and it's going to look really good.

    We're having an extra rehearsal tomorrow because we're going to be singing at a benefit for the Mount Olive youth group and there's only seven of us going. It's at Spot's place at noon. Aparently we might be hanging out there after, which would be fun. AJ isn't going because he got invited to go boarding for the weekend. We were talking about it last night and we decided that we're going to have to talk to him about commitment. We've known about this concert for ages and he's known about it and got invited to go after he joined. It's ridiculous, if he wants to be in the group it has to be a priority for him and he can't just blow off concerts with less than a week's notice to hang out with his friends. I don't think missing people should make too much of a difference though. We've done stuff with only a few people before and had people reading parts and it turned out fine. I actually like the sound of a smaller group a lot better.

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