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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 20:11:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:"Would You Like to Swing on a Star" by Frank Sinatra

    We finally got to go to Vancouver
    On Friday we went to Spot's for a games night. It was fun. We played Dream Phone, which granted, is pretty stupid, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The 80's-nes of it is actually pretty funny. Then we played Twister, except Spot couldn't find her Twister board it so we made one by taping pieces of colored paper to the floor. Jazz and I were the spinner for the first round because my leg was still bugging me and she was knitting a wrist band for someone. The second round I "spun" and Max wound up in some pretty compromizing positions with Hil, which was pretty amusing. While we were there it snowed big time, around two inches by the time we left. It was ridiculous, and once again it was Debby driving us home. lol. Spot's mom offered to have everyone stay over but by that time Deb was already there and Hil is the only one who ended up staying which I think was partly because she was supposed to go to another friend's house and I don't think she really wanted to.

    After we got home I was talking to Max on Messanger until around 2:00. We decided to go to Vancouver in the morning and Scott was going to come but he went tubing with Reko instead. It was pretty last minute. I told Max to phone and wake me up in the morning if the roads were okay to go, so he phoned at like 9:30. Then he phoned Tyler, but he was busy, then he invited Spot and Jazz, but only Spot couldn't come. We were going to try to get Dad to drive, but there was a truck blocking our road and Hil was giving Max a ride but I didn't know whether I could get a ride too until they were at Max's house. It was insane. Then I had to walk down to meet them because of the stupid truck. We got to the Park and Ride early though, and went to Tim Horton's so Max and Hil could get coffee and still got back in time for the bus.

    We got to Vancouver and went to the place where Max got his industrial and they almost didn't give him a replacement one because he didn't have his receipt, but he was able to tell them enough about when he got it that the guy gave it to him. Then we went to Sugar Mountain. Hil got a present for one of her friends and we were all looking at the chocolate bars and we want to go back and get one for each person in Concordiae that represents them. Lindsay's getting Mounds. lol. She's gonna be pissed, but we already told her we were thinking aobut getting her a Double Decker because it says "big on top" so she'll be expecting it. Tyler's getting Sugar Daddy and Danica's getting Sugar Babies. We also went to the Rock Shop. Awsome store. Max got a pin that says "I (heart) naked twister" and I almost bought Autumn a "sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" sticker. There was a magnet at Sugar Mountain that I wanted to get her, but it was like $8 and I can't remember what it said now, something along the lines of "I love girls."

    We went to McDonalds for lunch because it was on the way and a couple stores above True Value Vintage and Max got a couple shirts and Hil bought some stuff too and we talked to the shop keeper for a while. We probably spent a couple hours at True Value Vintage. It was so much fun. They've got some really cool clothes and the people who were working there were really cool. They were helping us choose clothes and they kept showing us all the hideous things that they don't think they're ever going to get rid of. I got an orange shirt and I wanted to get a pair of shoes, but they were $50 and I didn't really need them. Hil had a $60 gift certificate so she bought a few things and she forgot about a wrist band that she'd tried on, so she kinda jacked that. Then we went for pizza and to Sacred Heart so Max could get his belly button pierced. Apparently there's a way better chance of rejection if you get the bottom pierced, but he did it anyways, and the guy who did it was the one that one of the girls working at True Value Vintage recommended and he was really good. Hil wanted to get her Tregis pierced, but she'd need a parent there so she couldn't, plus Max's appointment was at 5:00, so it was already making us late for Step's place. We didn't end up catching the bus back to White Rock until 6:17, so we were just a lot late, since we were supposed to be at Step's at 6:00, but MEH. It was fun, even if it was fucking freezing waiting for the bus. The whole day was really cool because I just felt really comfortable the whole time. I want to go back with Max and Hil. I might ask Hil to go to the flea market some time, she'd probably like it and I never do anything with her.

    We got to Step's around 7:30 and they were watching Aladin. We did the Evil Spork play, then we watched some movie that Spot likes. That was pretty much all we did, but it was fun.

    Today I slept in til after 11. YaY. I worked on homework for a while and actually finished my Chem worksheet thing, but I don't have answers so I have no idea how I did on it. MEH. Lucy phoned and wanted me to go play in the snow with her, but I couldn't because of the hockey game and homework. Blah. That sucked, because I haven't seen her in ages. The hockey game was interesting. Mr. Horning didn't show up. What an ass. He should have told us if he wasn't coming and actually had a reason and no one would have minded, but he just didn't show up. We're thinking he forgot wich is really stupid because we all remembered and he freaking made the commitment. So Max conducted again and he almost told them to announce us as Concordiae because it was just him, Lindsay, Step, Kirsty, AJ and me, but it's a good thing he didn't because Joan Webster showed up with her kid just before we went on and Mr. Horning probably would have killed us if he found out.

    We're starting normal rehearsals again tomorrow, and AJ joined Concordiae so it'll be his first rehearsal. I think we're also going to rehearse on Wednesday because choir doesn't start until next week, so we should all be free, plus we're starting new music. We're going to start really working on "Ja-Da" and I want to do "Happy Together", plus we've got stuff like "Up on the Roof" which would be awsome if we can get it down. We want to enter the Fraser Valley Kiwanis Festival and we don't want to do any music that we've done in choir, for obvious reasons. We're not sure about the categories we can enter though, and right now it looks like we might be in the Community and Church Choirs category, which means we'd be up against the SCC, which would be interesting. I'd way rather be in another category because Mr. Horning might be pretty pissed, and if we beat the choir he'd be really pissed and if the choir beat us he'd probably rub it in our faces.

    I do not want to go back to school tomorrow. I've still got to finish reading the first five chapters of 1984 for English. It's a good book, but I just haven't been reading much. I also haven't finished my Math mock but I don't think I'm going to bother - I've done the whole multiple choice section though - and Chem I really should have looked at more because I just did the quiz thing and didn't really look at the book at all, but MEH. Stupid mock on the first day back. GRR. God knows how I'm going to get to bed early enough tonight. I was up until after 2:00 yesterday and didn't get up until after 11:00 today and I have to freaking get up at 6:00 tomorrow. Blah. I hate school, and I hate homework and the fact that for some reason it really bugs me when my parents start asking me about my work doesn't help me get anything done.

    I need to find my headphones. I have no idea where the hell they went and I need them for school.

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