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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 21:17:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed

    New Years was so much fun!
    Tuesday it snowed. I think we got a couple inches or so. We had a Concordiae rehearsal, which wasn't really nescessary because we aren't doing the hospital concert tomorrow, but MEH. Kristen and Step didn't come because Kristen was skiing and Step had her N test, but she failed it. The rehearsal started at noon and we went until 2:30. Holly and Kaily came up and listened to our rehearsal for a while and Holly bought our Christmas CD. Mom took a picture of us with all the money we raised going Christmas carolling and she wants to put it in the Langley teachers' newsletter.

    After the rehearsal we all went back to Spot's except for Max and Danica. It was actaully fun. I re-did one of Tyler's henna designs and then I wrote a giant e-mail to Bean, cuz I was kinda bored. Then I did a photoshoot, which kinda suprised me, cuz Spot never does photoshoots of me, but Kirstin kinda told her to. Whatever. Hilary did a couple and one of them was in this red tango dress that looked awsome one her and she kept complaining about how it "deflated" her chest. lol. It was short and had a slit and I liked it, I liked it a lot. *grin*

    Yesterday we didn't end up going to Vancouver because there was about a foot of snow which meant the roads were crappy and buses were running about 45 minutes behind. Instead Max and Tyler went to the liquor store and then started walking here. I was supposed to pack my stuff and start walking to meet them, but Mom wanted me to help her shovel the driveway, so I called and left a message saying I'd call when I was going to leaave. Anyways, Max phoned wondering where the hell I was. The didn't actually go inside when they got back to his place, they just dropped off the stuff on the porch and left and they were already at the Bonzi place and I wasn't packed yet. When I left I met them about a minute after I left home and then we came back to my place because they wanted to sled down my hill. We wound up chucking snowballs at Carlene, Vereena and Kirstin (Carlene's friend). Tyler and I have the worst aim. It's pathetic. We got back to Max's around 4 I think and decided to make a really tall snowman. It was made out of five balls and it was at least 7 feet tall. Tyler went home to get his stuff so Max and I finished it. Then we went inside and we noticed that the snowman was about to fall over so we went to fix it, but we knocked it over by accident and had to make the top half again. Then we made a snow dog. I'm quite proud of it, it turned out really well, especially since we made it in the dark, unfortunately the snowman fell over again.

    Tyler brought screecharoos and some air bombs with him, so we went to light them off in the park, then we went back to Max's and stuck a sparkler in the bottom of the snowman and had a snowman memorial.

    Then we came back inside drank and played Lord of the Rings Monopoly until just before midnight and then went outside for a while. Then we came in, finished our game and decided to go outside and build an upside down snowman. Building an upside down snowman when you're drunk is not easy. We couldn't figure out why we couldn't lift the snowballs high enough. lol. But we had bottle caps to use for the face and buttons. It was such a fun night, except for the part where Tyler was sick. We went back into Max's and Tyler and I were lying on the bed. Tyler pretty much passed out right when he hit the bed and I said something about how we'd said Tyler was getting the couch and Max pulled him off the bed and he didn't even wake up. I wound up being on the board until 3:00 and Max and Tyler were alsleep by like 2:30. Tyler was sleeping in front of the door and I had issues getting in, then I had to climb over all Max's stuff to get onto the bed without waking him up.

    We got up around 11:00 today and just lay around and talked. I had the weirdest dream. I was being stalked by some creepy guy at the mall and I had to go find Josh because the guy though Josh was gross and if I touched him he'd leave me alone. It was weird, and then, at the end of the dream I was telling Max about the dream. By the time we got up the upside down snowman had fallen over. The head stayed where it was, and the rest pretty much stayed together, so it looked like he'd fallen over and was just lying there laughing his ass off. It was great. After we ate we helped put away the Christmas decorations and then we went over to the park to go sledding. It was fun. The back right corner of the baseball diamond has a hill that goes down, through a gate and onto the next street. Of course, I wound up running into the gate and hurting my leg. When I hit, Max and Tyler were like "OHHHH" and apparently you could here "OHHHHHH" from down the street where there was a bunch of kids. It was really funny. Then I limped back to Max's, where I noticed that what I'd thought was a bruise was actually bleeding. Then we played Lord of the Rings Monopoly and I WON! I've finally won a game of Monopoly. Max went bankrupt first and Tyler was running really low and cash and had stuff mortgaged and had to leave so we didn't actually finish the game, but I WON! GO ME! I've been in an unusually good mood all day, it's very odd.

    So my mom said she'd have liked to have us here for New Year's. Carlene had Kirstin and Vereena stay over and Sydney and Chris wound up here too, but they didn't stay over. Then they went out sledding until 2:30 in the morning. Vereena didn't leave our place until around 7:00.

    Our new plan is to go to Vancouver on Saturday, since we couldn't go yesterday. I just hope that my leg will be okay to walk by then, because the places we want to go involve us walking like six blocks and right now, that would seriously suck and I don't want to miss going.

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