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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 11:36:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:"Crush" by Garbage

    I can't wait 'til New Year's
    So Evan and Adelina's was boring as all hell. I spent a lot of the time on messanger talking to Bean though, so that was better than it might have been. I tried to log on to Iyari but for some reason their computer wouldn't let me.

    On the 27th I pretty much did nothing all day. It snowed a bit. I got bored and decided to make a steamed pudding. After I got it cooking the power went out. It was weird, it was only out in our neighbourhood - something about cables shorting out in the power box across from Kyle's or something like that. Anyways, Lindsay phoned and invited me over to her place. Apparently she hadn't seen anyone for three days and was going crazy. I got a ride with Max so he and Debby came over and had pudding. It was interesting, we made lemon sauce in the dark and Debby started helping Carlene knit and helping with the sauce and stuff and me and Max talked for a while and wound up being late to Lindsay's. It was only Lindsay, Max, Danica and I. Kirstin was supposed to come, but she cancelled so she could see other friends. Stupid people with their other friends. lol. We sat around and talked, bitching about Ashley and Mr. Horning and stuff like that, and did henna and listened to music. We also played with Lindsay's new palm pilot. Those things are fun. Danica, Max and I were passing it around and each adding to a story. I got home around 11:30 or so and we still didn't have power. Fun.

    The next morning there was power when I woke up, which was good. I had to go to church because Max was singing "O Holy Night" and Cathlene can't play music with five flats, so I played for him and we also sang "What Child Is This." OMG Max was SO good. He got super loud without it sounding bad and it actually gave me chills. He was shaking after, it was kinda funny. After we finished singing we went out with the little kids and watched "Veggie Tales: The Toy that Saved Christmas" it was really funny. They had this cucumber that sang a song about how he had cookies for Santa and he shared them with a bank robber and a viking.

    After lunch mom and I went to Winners. We spent so long in there it's kind of scary. I think we were there for at least three hours. They just kept bringing out new stuff. I decided that I wanted a button up shirt with vertical pin-stripes and I wound up with four of them. I also got a kind of army green sweater and two pairs of pants one pair of kakhis and a green marsh green pair that almost perfectly matches my concordiae shirt. I don't think I've ever gotten that many clothes at once in my life. I told my mom that she could take back the kakhis because I already have a pair and she wouldn't. I love getting new clothes when it's stuff I like, because it puts me in a really good mood, but it makes me feel guilty when my mom spends so much much money on me, especially when it's all at once and I don't really need it. After Winners we went to Danier Leather and I got a leather jacket. $279, regular $425. It's really nice and it has a liner, which is part of why I got it. I don't have a winter jacket that fits me and this one's supposed to be really warm. I've been wearing my jean jacket with a hoodie underneath for like two years because my old winter jacket is huge on me. I was talking to Bean last night and she got a leather jacket for Christmas. We're both going to wear them on the first day back at school and be all cool...riiiiiiiiiiteeeeee. It's kind of funny though, because Max, Bean and I all got leather jackets over the break. I kind of got mine because Max's was really nice and then my mom decided to take me there because of their boxing week sales, but still. Oh, and I'm gonna start wearing a pair of Carlene's old shoes that are kind of army boot-ish. I like them and my mom told me to take them, so who am I to argue? I just have to put polish on them because the toes are really scuffed up.

    I can't wait until New Year's. It's going to be so much fun. We're going to Vancouver for the day because Max needs to get a new barbell for his industrial and he's considering getting his belly button pierced. We're also going to go to Value Vintage, but I have no idea where the heck it is because I've never been there, so he'd better know. It shouldn't be too hard to find the piercing place though, it's like a block over from Granville and we didn't really know where it was last time but we still found it.

    Kirstin posted on the Concordiae board asking what everyone was doing for New Year's and it sounds like most people (or Lindsay and Hilary anyways) don't have plans. Lindsay posted saying she had no plans, but it has to involve large quantities of alcohol. I said ditto and so did Hilary, except she added that if anyone had such plans that maybe she could be included, and of course, me being me, I'd kinda like it if she was a Max's for New Year's, but I'm not going to ask him because it's been Max, Tyler and I hanging out for a while now, and Hil has never really been a part of that, and I don't think that when the three of us are hanging out getting drunk is a good time to change that. Plus if we invited her I'd feel like we had to invite everyone else too and I don't really want to do that.

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