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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2003-12-12 11:26:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Tubular Bells

    So much to write...
    I've been so busy this past week I've barely had time to get online at this is gonna be really long.

    So Friday I got home from school, had a nap, then had dinner and Sarah, Matty and I went to one acts. They were absolutely hillarious. We were going to go to Starbucks afterwards, but they didn't finish until 10:30, so that plan didn't really work out too well. Christie said I should have gone to the cast would have been fun, but wutever, I would have been totally worn out after that.

    Saturday morning Concordiae sang at Hazlemere for the Rotary Club brunch. They gave us chocolate. *sarcastic* YaY *sarcastic* Then my mom took Alex, Tyler and I back to Tyler's to change, cuz he'd bought a shirt that was WAY too big for him and then we went to the mall to sing with choir. It was pretty bad. My mom said it ruined her day to see Mr. Horning conducting us after watching the ten of us preform alone, which is kinda cool, uless maybe you're Mr. Horning. After that we went to the new(ish) store that I can never remember the name of to look around and mom wound up buying me a burgandy shirt with frogs up the front and a matching pair of wrap around pants. YaY! More weird clothes! The only problem is, I can't wear them until it gets warmer out or I'll probably freeze my ass off.

    After the concert I went home and slept, then got up, had dinner and went to the Dickens' Concert. The mayor of White Rock read, and I felt sorry for her. I don't think she realized that when you read a story like that you need to practice it before hand. The guy from the Polkadot Door read and OMG he was AWSOME. Everyone was laughing like the whole time he was reading and he did this creepy thing whenever he mentioned "the Plump Sister" that was awsome, but it made you go "he worked on a KIDS' show?!?!" The one and only Mr. Ron Halder was awsome as usual, and they changed the part that Alex Browne read, which was good, but kinda weird, cuz you kept expecting to hear what he normally did in his normal section and then you got the Polkadot Door guy's creepiness instead.

    Got home from the Dickens at like 11 or so, didn't get to sleep until at least midnight, and then got up at 5:45. You're NOT supposed to have to get up earlier on the weekend than you do on school days. It's just not right.

    Anyways, Max and Debby picked me up around 6:45 and we went to Mrs. Hall's to get a ride. Got to the recording studio around 8 and Mrs. Hall went and got us all breakfast, she's WAY too generous sometimes. We rehearsed for a while and ate and stuff, and I don't think we actually started recording until 9. We went until 12:45, I think, and managed to get 12 songs done. We really should have done more than one take on "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," but Hilary had a soccer game, so we didn't have time. Then Step, Lindsay, Kirstin, Danica, Spot and I stayed to listen to some of the tracks, and Mrs. Hall went and bought us all lunch. Then we went and sang "White Christmas" at speakers' corner and then we did it another time so Spot and Kirstin could say "We're Concordiae Chorus from White Rock" "And we just want to wish you a merry Christmas" and then we all went off-screen and came back on and yelled "Bah-humbug" but there was still time left, so Spot and Kirstin kept taking turns bobbing on-screen from the sides and Danica stood in the middle bobbing up and down while Lindsay, Step and I all hid off-screen.

    I got home around 3:30 or so, and took a nap, suprise, suprise. Got up, had dinner and went to sing at an open house. The house we sang at was Spot's old house, and when we got there the kid that opened the door was someone Tyler had taught curling to the week before. Then I heard someone say my name, and I figured there was another Kayla there, cuz there wouldn't be anyone I knew. There was another Kayla, and it turns out that Chelsea's mom was there and she came and asked if Tyler was Alex and was all disappointed that he didn't come. Plus, Hilary saw one of her friends from South Ridge there. The lady said that she wants us to come back some time in the summer because she has garden parties, plus we finally got PAID! $10 each for singing a half hour set. Not too bad. We gave the money to Step so we can pay Alexander for the CD, but it's still money. Plus we stayed and talked to the lady who was having the open house and ate her food and stuff, and she gave us Coke in glass bottles, so I now have a Coke bottle. These people are insanely rich. She was talking about how she hired some famous guy to sing at her husband's birthday because he'd rented out a ballroom at the Pacific Inn and hired a band for her birthday. Thank-you Alex Browne for getting us that gig.

    After the open house Tyler's mom took Danica, Tyler and I to Starbucks and then to dance. I can't believe it's almost over. We've only got this week and next week left. I think we're gonna take swing in January. After dance I came home and went to bed pretty much right away.

    At lunch on Monday I was in the weirdest mood. I kept trying to steal Bean's knee and I was pretty much on top of her when Chris and Sydney walked by and apparently started cheering for me, which I didn't notice at the time. Then Chelsea came over and asked if I was drunk, and I was like "Who me?" and she gave me a really strange look and walked away.

    In D block we were allowed to buy our way out of class to watch the basketball game against Semi, so Max, Christie and I went up-town to go shopping. Max and I bought Tyler a Mosaic mirror that we saw on Saturday for his birthday. Stupid kid having his birthday right before Christmas. Christie bought Brian's mom a 3 tiered bamboo and she got Brian red women's underwear with feathers around the top as a gag gift, which was funny, cuz when she went to pay for them Max decided to tell the cashier that they were for Brian to wear, not for Christie to wear FOR Brian, because when the cahsier said something about hoping he enjoyed them he figured she didn't understand. lol. Then I had to go back to school to catch the bus. I managed to walk back in less than 15 minutes, and I got there with a few minutes to spare. Go me! But on the downside, I still don't have any of my Christmas shopping done, so I'm gonna have to find time to shop this weekend or just bake or something.

    Alex Browne came to rehearsal on Monday and took pictures and talked to us all for a while. The article should be in the paper this Saturday. I felt like I was spending the whole fucking night trying to get everyone on track. We'd talked about some of the things we wanted to say at the interview at Max's birthday party and people kept going off on tangents and no one except me said any of the things we'd talked about until I got everyone back on topic and they'd go off and talk about everything else again. ARG. We'd said that we wanted to mention how long we had to record our CD, cuz there's mistakes in it and stuff cuz we only had an hour, but going and pointing out every single thing that's wrong with it is not only stupid, it's wasting our time and his time.

    After Alex Browne left we voted on the third person who was going to get interviewed on Tuesday. It was between me and Danica, and she won, go figure. When Mrs. Hall came to get Step, she brought a copy of the CD cover she made for us, since Spot's computer is messed up, so she can't do the Brady Bunch square thing that she'd planned. The one Mrs. Hall made uses the same pictures, but we're all candles or ornaments on a Christmas tree.

    On Tuesday I was in a really pissy mood all day, cuz I was getting sick and I was really tired and I was pissed off about the interview on Monday and I needed to bitch about it, so I started complaining to Max about it at lunch and he just kept on saying that he thought we said "good things" and that it wasn't a big deal. It pissed me off, cuz I KNEW it wasn't a big deal, but it still pissed me off and I needed to vent. He always phones me when he needs to vent about something and it's almost never something that actually matters, but I never tell him that it's not a big deal, so that really pissed me off.

    In English we had to write poems in a group and we put them on snowflakes, and sadly enough, that was the highlight of my school day.

    Tuesday night I went to Step's to listen to our CD and make some notes on what we wanted to be changed so Alexander could edit it some more for us; he's going to take out some pauses and there's a couple songs where we're going to have him make it sound like we're in a cathedral. He added an extra track of us talking in between songs, which was cool. The Ave Maria turned out really well, and we decided to keep Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas because it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. We decided to sell CDs for $10 each cuz they cost $2 to make and I think we're going to give some of the money from each CD to a charity, but we haven't decided which one, or how much yet. I, personally, think it would be easiest to give $3 cuz that gives us $5 profit, which is only $0.50 each, but the math is easy.

    On Wednesday I had Dad drive us to school so I could have a longer nap in the morning. Then I got to school and lay down in the hall and was almost asleep by the time the bell rang, even with everyone talking in the hall. I was so tired I almost skiped Chem and just stayed there and slept, but then I figured that I might as well go sleep in class cuz we're just reviewing until finals and Buller moved me to the corner so people wouldn't see me sleeping.

    When I came home from school I slept, had dinner and went to choir. I despise dress rehearsals, plus I was so tired that I was actually swaying half the time that we were standing up. In the break I was using Tyler for a pillow and he was so tired he cracked up for no reason and was laughing for like 10 minutes straight and I said he was like my own personal vibrator, which probably didn't help. He was laughing so hard he was crying and he looked like he was in pain. Then we were waiting to go back in and he kept poking me and saying "belly-button" and cracking up and AJ started laughing so hard he had to leave and he was litterally on the floor laughing. It was kinda funny, cuz I was haning out with Tyler and AJ and Max was hanging out with Kristen and Lindsay...stereotypical much?

    I didn't get home until 10:30 from choir, and I got Dad to drive us to school again yesterday because I was so tired. When I got to school I went and dropped my stuff off in my locker and when I went back to where we all sit in the morning Autumn came over and hugged me and we wound up just stanging there for like 15 minutes until the bell rang. She braided my hair when we were standing there and I just kinda leaned on her.

    At lunch Max and I listened to Tubular Bells using my diskman and Josh's speakers. They were really quiet so we each took one and we were laying on the floor and he was using me as a pillow and people kept looking at us weird. It was amusing. Plus I got to lay down, which was good, cuz I'd actually wanted to try to find a place to sleep at lunch. Then I borrowed Tubular bells and I burned a copy last night. YaY! and I drew all over it while I was waiting for the Carlene to get out of the bathroom, and wound up spending like an hour on that. Meh. My mom said she had a Tubular Bells record, but I looked through our records and couldn't find it. Blah.

    I was supposed to play for dance rehearsal for the musical yesterday, but I went and found Mr. Harmond and told him I was going home cuz I was sick, which is good, cuz I went home and slept and I didn't wake up til almost 6 and I wouldn't have been finished rehearsal until 6:30. Plus I got to avoid the getting yelled at for not playing fast enough.

    Then I decided to stay home today so I could actually get enough sleep for once and so that I don't get sicker because I've got a cold and the choir Christmas concert is tomorrow night, and Concordiae is singing outside Vida on Sunday. Plus I've got my Can. Lit. paper that's due on Monday that I still need to edit, and we're singing at Spot's mom's open house on Monday. I'm really glad I stayed home. I didn't have to go to bed ridiculously early and I still got 12 hours of sleep. Plus I really needed a break. The last week I've pretty much gotten up, gotten ready for school, had a nap, gone to school, gotten home from school, had a nap, had dinner, had to go somewhere and gotten home and had to go to bed. Fun. NOT.

    Our write up should be in the paper tomorrow. YaY! Plus we advertised that we're singing at Vida, so hopefully we'll be able to sell some CDs and give away some cards. When I asked Alex Browne what we should be charging when he came here on Monday he said he wasn't sure, and Lindsay said that on Tuesday he told them that we could charge about $200 an hour, but to ask people about their budget before we told them a set price. $20 each per hour. SO GOOD! Now we just need someone to hire us. lol.

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