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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 00:16:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:"Silence" by Delirium

    I can't believe Lindsay hit a PARKED car
    Max's party was on Saturday, and so was the rally. I didn't go, but my dad said there were about 150 people there, so that's good. Anyways, I got to Max's late because I slept in a bit and then I still had to wrap his present and find the card and everything. I got there around 12:30 or so, and then we just hung out all day. We watched the Chipmunks Big Adventure, gotta love the 80's music, and The Last Unicorn, which I didn't see most of because I was looking at the book I bought Max...and I just remembered that I forgot to sign it. Oh well, I'll do it some other time.

    Hilary and Danica left early to go to a jazz band concert and the rest of us sat around and played Wink Murderer and Devils Vs. Angels. Then we got bored and went to Peninsula Village to get Starbucks and talked about the interview on Monday, what to say and what not to say. After that we decided to go sing in the underground parking-lot, which I've actually wanted to do for a while. It was awsome. I love the acoustics in there, and it's even better when people stop to watch and waited for us to finish our song before they got in their car to leave.

    After we got back to Max's we sat around his room and listened to music and talked, and got a game of grab tag going, which was really funny. I can't believe we actually got Step and Lindsay in it, but I guess we didn't really leave them much choice, and I don't think Lindsay was too comfortable with it.

    Then came the interesting part.... I kinda wanted to just stay over, cuz I was having a really good time, and Max and I didn't get a chance to hang out alone cuz everyone else stayed so late. Anyways, Lindsay was going to drive Tyler and I home. It was pretty cold out, so when we got to the car all the windows were fogged up and icy and Lindsay didn't bother to defrost them. So we're backing out and she says that she can't see a thing, how reassuring. I was wiping off the mirror on my side so Lindsay could see in it and she told me to close the window cuz it was cold. I'm not sure if she was kiding; Tyler thinks she was, but it didn't really sound like it. I was just going to tell her to slow down, because when she went around the corner I couldn't even see where the center line was...and then we stopped. Thank god for that car. NOT. I can't believe she freakin' hit a parked car. The whole front passanger side of the car was pretty much crushed. I could see pices of the headlight flying when we hit the car. The weird thing though, is that in the cab you'd never know anything had happened. Lindsay was freaking out. Tyler had to tell her to turn off the car, and then I told her she should put on her hazzard lights and she thought that you had to turn on the car to turn them on. Then I had to do it for her, cuz she didn't know how. I'm not sure if she actually didn't know, or if it was because she was panicing, but she doesn't even remember where the defrost is, so I wouldn't put it past her.

    I was shoked that she managed to hold it together as much as she did, but Tyler said that she broke down as soon as I started walking back to Max's. Tyler was pretty shaken up too. Literally. By the time I had walked to Max's, waited for Debby to get ready, and walked back, he was still shaking. After a while Lindsays parents got there, and she was freaking out cuz she thought they were gonna kill her. Her and Max went and sat in her parents' car and Tyler and I went on a walk to the Esso and back. It really helped him a lot, he stopped shaking by the time we got back. Lindsay's parents got the car towed, cuz it's pretty much totalled. Debby said that the frame is bent and the motor got moved back. Plus, getting the body fixed would not have been cheap. The guy that owned the other car got it towed too. God knows why. The bumber was half off, but other than that it was fine. That thing was built like a tank.

    The weird thing about all this, was that it didn't even phase me. Lindsay was a wreak. Tyler was shaking for ages, and today he said that he's been replaying the accident in his head since it happened. I wasn't even really freaked out. It would have been fun if it didn't involve the car being smashed up and us coming close to getting hurt. I find it so strange that it didn't really affect me at all. It was my corner of the car that got smashed up, and if Lindsay had time to swerve more it might have hit my door instead of the front corner. Or if she hadn't had time to break or swerve we would have hit it head on and it could have been a lot worse. I still can't believe that it happened. I'm not sure if that's why it doesn't bother me at all, (or maybe I'm a droid, like Chelsea said) I think it might be though, cuz I tend to not react to things because they don't seem real. It'll probably hit me at some really inconvenient time. Like in the middle of class. Kinda like all those times where I've been freakishly close to breaking down in math. Tyler and I were talking about how it seems kinda surreal, and Max said that too. It's one of those thing where you hear about it happening, but you don't ever think it's going to happen to you. Max also said that he feels like he should have been there, which I guess I understand, cuz I kinda get that if I'm worried about someone, I feel like it should be happening to me too, or instead. I'm glad he wasn't there though.

    I went to the clinic to get checked for whiplash today, and so did Tyler. I'm fine, but the doctor said I probably strained my back, and I think I strained my neck too. She also said that it'll probably get worse for a couple days. YaY. Tyler strained his clavical and can't lift anything heavy with his right arm, but it's not displaced, which is good. But he's worse than I am. Lindsay hit her knee on the dash and apparently it's messed up now, but over-all it's not bad.

    Tyler and I went over to Max's before dance to hang out for a while. We were going to see Matrix Revolutions today, but it's not playing anywhere in White Rock any more, so I guess we'll end up renting it some time instead. Then we were going to go to South Point and look around Winners, but they close at 5:00 on Sundays, that's ridiculous. So instead we just walked around Penninsula Village and talked.

    Danica didn't go to dance tonight cuz of the cultural excursion. Lindsay was going to go instead, but her parents wouldn't let her, so Tyler went without a partner and the chick with the fried hair and all the funky wigs and her partner split up and the other girl danced with Tyler and she danced with Creepy Guy. It's kinda strange how last week Creepy Guy and Creepy Lady got in an accident and then this week me and Tyler got in one. Four people out of maybe 20 in two weeks, that's pretty bad.

    I talked to Sarah on MSN tonight. We're gonna go see one acts, but I don't know whether we're gonna go on Thursday or Friday yet. I don't even know if they're still gonna be selling tickets at lunch this week, but I'm gonna assume that they will be. I think I'm gonna call Lucy too, cuz I barely see her any more. Max and I haven't even gotten a chance to talk to her yet, and we barely even saw her at her b-day party since she went off with Kyle.

    Oh, and on the way back from the clinic today my mom said something about how she had been really upset about my math mark, which was *dun dun duuuunnnn*.....only 76%. OMG a B! But apparently now, she's just glad that I'm ok. She wanted to phone Mr. Hunter to ask if it was still possible for me to pull my mark up to an A, but I really hope she doesn't. Besides, I woked out my average, and right now I've still got 86.5 overall, which is high enought to get into most faculties at any school I'm planning on applying to for next year and I've still got Physics next semester, which will probably end up being higher than my math mark. She really pisses me off sometimes.

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