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Tier (oxmesmerizedxo) wrote,
@ 2003-02-19 12:20:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:In Da Club, 50 Cent

    Scott is mine. Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine all mine.
    Hey bitches! Yea I decided to make a journal since my cool friends Amy and Vicky have one. I need some damn cool points since I'm becoming a loser like Tristan. I'll make this shit better when I feel like workin on it yep yep.

    Yea today sucks. I'm bored as hell and my throat hurts. I shoulda gone to school. Psht not.

    Yesterday was aight tho. John Groves is the biggest two faced ass ever. If he's ever told you he likes you, or you hear "You're the only one I like, not Macy, not Brey, just you" anytime in the near future, juss remember, it's bullshit. Yep. And you should give him the silent treatment like me and my homies. Yipee.

    Awww Tris gave me the prettiest necklace! I love it! It makes up for not talking to him all damn weekend even though he knows I have a phone, and I prolly woulda talked to him but that's quite alright. I only got him a teddy bear, because number once, I am a poor kid, and number two, the only damn place I went this weekend was Wal Mart. Which I don't mind of course since I love that joint.

    Me and my Dad went there last night of course because I go there like every night. We saw some lesbians and my Dad goes "D-I-K-E, stay the hell away from me!" hahaha! Isn't that great? Yes, I thought so too. Then we realized it must be fiesta/taco night at the mexican restaurants because there was only about 6 joto families there. Good times.

    Scott and Jake, my little white chocolate slabs, oh how I miss you both ever so much. Next time we talk, we're having like a 2 hour conversation because you guys are my bestest friends of course and I haven't talked to either of you in like a week. Lots of catching up to do huh bitches.

    Emily and I realized Evan Graham has pubic hair hair on his head. hahaha we called him cooter head. Actually she called him that while I laughed my ass off.

    I miss my Amy. She called me from the pay phone at school I think. But my gay Mom told her I was sleeping because we have some company over and she's making me hide in my room. It's all good as long as I don't ever have to talk about peenies or sexual desires with her EVER again. :)

    I love my Big A! He calls me! Whata sweetie! aww! He's gonna teach me stuff too haha.

    Yea well Blind Date is on and it's my favorite show during the day so I gotta bounce. Peace out.


    On the first day of friendship, Amy and Tia came up with, Amy and Tia best friends forever talk show!

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Hey Tier, its AJ
2003-02-19 17:13 (link)
Hey Tier, hows it its been awhile since ive talked to ya..anyways hope u get to feelin better-well im out see ya BFF!

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