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Oxi Margera (oxiofmuphins) wrote,
@ 2003-04-18 21:54:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Somewhere I belong - Linkin Park "Meteora"

    Wheeee! I might've been hella bored for the earlier part of the day, trying to make my webpage (which came out AWESOME for my first try. Go here: ), but then it got really better, because only my best friend in the world came over! We watched Jackass, and then we ate dinnah, and here we are now, not doing much of NEthing except for listening to Linkin Park while I type! Fun stuff.

    I'd have to say that my three best friends evah would be Dallas, Erica, and Emily (in no specific order). They're like, the nifitiest people, all of which are TOTALLY different. There aren't really many things that they have in common, but they're all really cool people, and I'd probably die if one of them l left.

    You know... a lot of conversations come up when you're talking about random stuff. There are a few people out there (not naming anyone) who think that the fucking FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD would be me attempting to skateboard for the first time. Y'see, it wouldn't be that funny if someone would just teach me how to skateboard! Shoot, I'm hella good on blades, but when it comes to a board of any kind, I just fall right off. In fact, right now, I rank myself as a novice: "No show here! Unless you like to see a girl fall off of a skateboard in less than three seconds!" x_x I'm sure you all can imagine just how bad I feel.

    Well... I'm pretty happy right now, so I think I'm gonna go draw. Perhaps I can use some piccies I draw as graphics on my NIFTY website! Also, if anyone knows of any guys with HELLA pretty eyes, TELL ME! I need more pretty-eyed guys for my web page. It's kind of a strange web site, but I got the idea while watching a J-rock music video. Some freaky chick took out her eye with a scalpel. It was kinda cool! Well, off I go to draw! Ja ne for the day!

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