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Baby Ash (oxbabyashxo) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 17:37:00
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    Current mood:used
    Current music:addicted - simple plan

    It's only when your by yourself for a period of time that you figure stuff out. So this will probaly be my last public entry for a long time.

    I was staring at this picture I made last night when I figured it all out. It's not really surprising for me to come to this, I just really mean it this time.

    I can't stand this house or this room or this damn city anymore, I really can't. I look around this place and there are to many memories here. First kiss, first wreck, first love, first everything. I just want to get away from it and these people that made them. I would be glad if we could stay on the account of having a roof over my head but I would also be glad to go on the account of not ever having to see some people again.

    It's just that I've finally realized who I actualy consider my friends and who I don't.

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me too
2003-08-11 23:26 (link)
yeah i know what you mean. sooner or later we all have to take a look at whats going on and pick weather we like it or not. sometimes its better to have less friends then to be around a lot of people who really dont care about us. but weather your here or there you will always be one of my best friends. but also know that where ever you go even is you dont have to look at it, memories last a life time and no matter where you go you can never have your 1st anythign back so if your there your 1st time will still be here. theres no gettign away from what already happend. theres just having seconds in a new place.
love you,
bbfl(here or there)

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2003-11-14 22:36 (link)
I'm sorry you are feeling used. I hope things get better.

I've noticed you are a Redskins fan. Do you happen to know anything about Danerian McCants? I'm trying to decide if I should include him in my fantasy football lineup this week. Thanks for your help!

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