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risa - sarah (overwhelm) wrote,
@ 2004-01-30 01:09:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:music stuck in my head from the club

    im back. all clean. no drugs cept occasional fun. (pretty damn rare occasions too i might add) all healthy n shit. up in LA makin new friends keepin contact with the old ones (mel imscared to call your house cause i'm not sure what terms your mom and i are on.) this entry is gonna be copy n pasted to all my journals so if youre on one or more buddy lists just ignore it. been going out like every night at least til 12 just to go out ya know? some with my friends sometimes with my cousin. sometimes with my cousins friend which are also my friends cause we've known each other so long. some of are even like family friends since practically birth. school enrollment is on tuesday this week. and i have a job interview tomorrow. not reallya job i want but i could at least go to the interview and see how it goes. went to this one club tonight. k most girls at clubs are ugly i'm sorry i'm not all hot shit or anything but i wonder if some of them think "hey dim lights guys who are drunk maybe i'll look better?" i mean come on now BE HONEST! oh well i went with 4 guy friends tonight it was awesome met this hottie named dayle from upper new york whos friends are friends with my friends haha (jimmys cousin's sisters boyfriend kinda thing) but he was mad interested in me to the point of just trying to keep my attention constantly (not in a annoying way THANK GOD) i guess i could see him again if he or i made the effort. my bed gets delivered tomorrow. PLUS i finished a lot of the updates on the computer including memory, aol9.0 and tons of other shit and its UP AND RUNNING. i dunno im massively proud cause um I LEARNED IT ALL WHILE DOING IT ON MY OWN. no one here to help me kinda hard lol took me a while too. had some graphics problems too. PLUS MELO GRAPHICS ARE BACK. which is way awesome GOD i missed them so much. but time for bed. i came home early from going out cause i have that interview tomorrow. im considering workin at starbucks. i only need a really small part timejob for while im at school.
    goddamn i'm so damn tired.

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