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~*Kiss Of Death*~ (otepchick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 15:50:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:~Otep~

    hahaha...this morning, me, nichole, mike, and some justin kid who lives in my park got on this one bus, that came to our park...all the little middle schoolers were saying it was the high school bus, so we were stupid and we got on it...turns out, i dont know if we were supposed to or not, but whatever, whats done is done, so i got to school kinda late, and then i had to go to art, and yeah, it was okay...then i went to english and we watched soem gay christmas movie...then i had global..and it wasnt too bad...we got to watch this slideshow...LUNCH, lunch kinda sucked, but it's better than going to a class...tarah ended up comming at the end of it...she was in english i guess,a nd just got a pass to the bathrooom...and so yeah, then i had math, and we took a quest...gayy...then i had um, carrer pathways, and i had to take a 12 page test..12 pages....thats insane!!!...oh well...anyways then off to french...we got new seats, and i have to sit next to melissa...yay...not really...but we went to the library, and had partners for this activity thing, and i was sarah's wasnt too bad...

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