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austin (osmanski42) wrote,
@ 2006-01-19 18:41:00
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    more people read this that i thought. . .
    i got bored again so why not update...

    >finals reaked but thats the way it always goes..i'm pretty sure i did alright...dint screw up too too bad. which is a good thing cause mis padres wouldnt be n e to pleased.

    >did the girlfriend thing again around the xmas break...but i get back to school and life jsut doesnt want me to have a gf no more so jetton i think felt to same way....different schools, we've got our own stuff goin, he bball and my track, just not really havin the time to make things right in a relationship....soo that was the end of that. no hard feelins, just cant wait till summer cause im gonna have alll kinds of free time.....and if not with jetton thats kool but, in general relationships prosper in the summer just alot more time to be together with out school bs goin...for me n e ways. some guys like to play the feild in the summer....which is badass too.

    >got the 4th period schedule change and lost my wonderful art teacher (zac morgan's dad) moved to katie rae's i guess it cant be too too bad.

    >working out and track make me fucking tired all the time now so thats no fun...but improvements are commin....can see some stuff changin...likin it!.....maybe might be the big stud this summer on the boat...hmmm not. usually suck at bein a pimp. but im sure brandon could help me with that

    >THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!! last saturday we decided to yank the old steering cable out of the tige.....that involved some serious language cause it sucked soooo fuckin bad. If u went with me wakeboarding this last summer u might have seen the crappy steering cable was causing the driver to put some major effort in to turning the boat. anyone who has drivin my boat (colin, chris, brandon, jack, and i think alyssa tried to too one time....cept we got her out of the capt.s chair cause she decided to drive the boat liek a sea-doo) will definetly agree with me that it needed some serious repair. even chris printed off all this info and would've told us how to do it, it was just that bad, when u get chris motivated like and he wouldve most likely come over and helped along with everyone else that has driven it if i wouldve asked em, cept for alyssa cause she's a stupid but n e ways we finally got the damn thing out after we got the bolts unscrewed from under the motor(which was a b i a t c h to get to). then we had to jack up the gas tank to get the cable all the way out. after about 5 hours of bullshit we finally were done. had belt dust from the motor all over me and greese....and aweful combination...shit itches. felt like a mexican mechanic too! n e ways we ordered another one from the internet (no not ebay, for everyone that knows my familia). so we'll get it in in the next couple of weeks $190 dollars later though...bummer right. but it'll be worth it. we spent about almost 200 hours on the boat this past summer...and to be able to drive without streign will be heaven on earth, trust me.

    soooo..... time for a gf, a new steering cable, brodie has a new wakeboard!, and all the wind for the year seems to be being used up this maybe it'll work out that

    summer 06....hell yes!


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2006-01-20 21:11 (link)
heeyy skiii!!
i havent talked to you
in forevvverr!!!

hows angelo?!

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2006-01-26 21:52 (link)
heyy..ure just too neat. haha...awesome comment right?!

<3 Annabelle

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2006-01-29 14:32 (link)
ahh the summer life... shit better hurry up

shortimore... migititus... redily accesible

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