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Amanda (orangerhymer9) wrote,
@ 2005-01-26 19:13:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Jeopardy Theme

    Re-Birth Of Amanda
    Well kiddies, welcome to my brand-spankin' new blurty account. It has all the comforts and familiarities of my old journal complete with cryptic login name, sarcastic/sadisitc humor and enough apathy to feul a high school.

    Quick story behind the name: I was going to use the oh so clever handle of "Rhymes_With_Orange" but the registration thingie didna like that. So, I fought with it for a little while and it finally let me sign up as OrangeRhymer9. Why the 9? You're guess is as good as mine.

    I realize now all the awesome names I could have went with such as Mystic Spiral or Structured Chaos or a variety of others, but alas, I'm stuck as OrangeRhymer9.

    Oh...Trina, Crystal and whoever else might be in town, how abouts we get together friday night? I'm going through social withdrawl. Plus, my brain won't stop thinking, even after I push the q-tips in all the way! I know Trina hasn't been to 11th street so perhaps we can journey towards that-a-way? See if we can catch an angsty goth and make him smile? Or is Friday emo-poser night? See, this is why we should go!

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2005-01-26 23:41 (link)
I agree...let's go coffee-ing! Who's driving?

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2005-01-27 03:27 (link)
I'm all for it. It may be my last Friday off for a while because you normally get weekdays, not weekends off. I'll drive, but Amanda is a really mean side seat driver. As long as Crystal promises to protect me from the mean lady...

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2005-01-27 11:21 (link)
I got 'cho back. yo!

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2005-01-27 14:42 (link)
Hey! You think I'm bad as a side seat driver, wait til you see me as a back seat driver! I can more accuratly tell you exactly what you're doing wrong driving-wise from the back seat!

And don't call me a mean lady! it feels like you're calling me one of those old bitties that do nothing but criticize others and I am definatly not old!

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2005-01-28 05:53 (link)
"old bittie" my new favorate phrase next to blinner

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2005-01-28 09:19 (link)
BLINNER!!!! Holy shit, thanks for reminding me! That makes my day, totally...

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