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Hee (orangekiss) wrote,
@ 2005-05-07 01:46:00
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    finals schedule
    05/07 (sat.) - constitutional law
    05/09 (mon.) - history of china
    05/10 (tues.) - economics
    05/11 (wed.) - map of the modern world

    my last final ends at 6 pm on wednesday.
    and my plane is at 7 am on thursday.
    when am i supposed to pack???? +_+

    luckily, though, my roommate's flight to cali is at 6 am on thursday.
    we are leaving from the same airport, too.
    AND our last finals are the same, since we are both taking that map class.
    so we are gonna be packing and leaving at the same time.

    as much as i love my school and people here,
    can't wait to get outta here.

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2005-05-07 21:23 (link)
luckily, though, my roommate's flight to cali is at 6 am on thursday.

jesus christ! that's friggin' early!

when am i supposed to pack???? +_+

but the more important question is: when am i supposed to talk to you??

i think i will call u in Korea. I still have ur numero.


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hey, fab!
2005-05-08 00:32 (link)
"i still have your numero."

somehow the word "numero" sounded lil funny. hehe~ :D
well, you can always call me on wednesday night, since i am planning on staying up all night on wednesday anyway. but then again, it depends on you; i don't know when you are done with your stuff.
or if you don't mind the phone bill, you can call me in korea.

i'd really like to talk to you soon, though.
can't wait to hear what you have to tell me. :T

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