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>Banana<>Battery< (orangeglow) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 00:17:00
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    Believers or Not, Divorce Rates Virtually the Same
    Researcher Also Finds Majority of Christians Disagree with Related Bible Teaching

    By Fred Jackson and Jody Brown
    September 9, 2004

    (AgapePress) - A new poll is confirming an apparent trend in Christianity to adopt the values of the world. Christian researcher George Barna has released the results of a new survey which show when it comes to divorce, there is little difference between born-again believers and the unsaved.

    The Barna poll found that 35 percent of married, born-again Christians have been divorced at least once -- the same percentage as among married adults who are not born-again Christians. And nearly one-fourth of born-again Christians have been divorced at least twice.

    Pollster George Barna suggests one reason the divorce rate is not higher among non-Christians is that today many do not bother to marry their partners in the first place, choosing instead to live together out of wedlock, side-stepping marriage -- and divorce -- altogether.

    And one reason the rate of divorce is not lower among Christians may be that few people in the general population accept the notion that divorce is a sin. According to the Barna poll, only 15 percent strongly agreed (and 16 percent "moderately agreed") with the following statement: "When a couple gets divorced without one of them having committed adultery, they are committing a sin."

    Two-thirds of the 3,600 adults polled disagreed with that statement. More than half (52 percent) of the born-again group did not agree that divorce without adultery is sin, whereas three-fourths of the non-Christians felt that way.

    Among the groupings of those surveyed, 58 percent of Protestants and 69 percent of Catholics disagreed with Jesus' teaching that it is a sin to divorce for any reason other than adultery.

    Barna offers these observations. "You can understand why atheists and agnostics might have a high rate of divorce, since they are less likely to believe in concepts such as sin, absolute moral truth, and judgment," he says. "Yet the survey found that the percentage of atheists and agnostics who have been married and divorced is very similar to the numbers for the born-again population."

    The researcher says his findings do not paint a pretty picture for the future. "Given the current growth in the number of atheists and agnostics, and that the younger two generations [those born between 1946 and 1965, and between 1965 and 1983] are predisposed to divorce, we do not anticipate a reversal of the present pattern within the next decade."

    Barna found that 46 percent of married individuals who were born in that earlier generation have already undergone a marital split. Slightly more than one-fourth of those among the younger group have already been divorced as well.

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Praise God!
2004-09-10 15:12 (link)
I absolutely love your journal! It was so hard, for a long time, I was on journals with NO CHIRSTIAN SUPPORTERS! At least, none that were visable. I'm glad I found you!

As for the divorce thing:
My dad and my biological mother divorced a long time ago. And my dad and my step mom have just announced that they too, are getting a divorce. Its hard times...but I'm gonna ask you a question: Is it true that more Christians than atheists get divorces? my email address is
I deeply appreciate all your articles and look forward to more!
Sincerely, Stephanie Pilmore

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Re: Praise God!
2004-09-10 16:38 (link)
I dont think its more than atheist, but I know that the devil wont stop until it is. I believe it is roughly the same, I heard a stat once that it was 1 in every 4 Christian marriages that end in divorce and 1 in every 3 Secular marriages end in divorce.

PS. Stephanie, I have made a covenant with my fiance that I will not send private emails or personal emails to other girls emails, and that if contacted on blurty, that I would only communicate through postings. Please dont let this offend you.

Thank you for reading my journal.


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Re: Praise God!
2004-09-12 00:23 (link)
Hey John (c:
Just wanted to say hi. I miss you. I don't know what you're up to, I imagine you hung out with your family tonight and went home to sleep... that's alright, you were tired.

Haven't checked your blurty in a while but it's very good what you've got going on here. I read a few of the articles. The abortion one in particular... that horrified me.

I love you, baby. I'm tired too. You can call me though, if you like. I'll wake up to talk to you. Any time. Call me any time. I'm yours.

You're so blessed babe. We are regaining that purity we had before. But I don't think we've regained our place with God yet. I've been reading and maintaining communication with Him... but it's dry. Once, you told me that when dry spells came to fast...

What's that?

lol (c:
Go Jesse... he knows me too well!

I love you John. I'll see you in the morning at 9 AM (c:

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2004-09-16 18:25 (link)
Ah, thats depressing. It's also depressing to discover just how many Christians seem to think that the teachings of the Bible are merely opinions that can be agreed with or not, as the mood strikes them.

Divorce does unbelievable damage to the individuals involved and rips the hearts of children apart. I have seen its devastating effects firsthand, and, together with Paul, I believe that if people won't choose to live by the commitments they make and NOT their feelings (a sure-fire recipe for disaster) then it is far better that they remain single.

One of the reasons so many subsequent marriages fail is because people never overcame or otherwise worked out the reasons why their FIRST marriages failed - they just drag the same old tired luggage into every relationship they enter into, always looking to the OTHER person to be the right one - hoping against hope that if she/he IS the "right" one, all will fall into place. It never works, though, does it?

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Re: Divorce
2004-09-16 18:46 (link)
Nope it doesn't and I agree with what you said about if they dont have the commitment, then remain single. I mean you gotta be mature in this.

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Re: Divorce
2004-09-16 20:01 (link)
It is incredibly difficult - marriage is. Talk about a situation custom designed to make you die to yourself - geez, if marriage isn't it, I don't know what is. Maybe childrearing - that's also a good one for yanking you right out of yourself and into the realm of sacrificial love...

Whatever we may FEEL about doing right has nothing to do with actually DOING right - we are always able to make an objective choice and to base that choice on the truth of God's Word...

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