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this is old school (oppressed_anger) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 12:27:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music: young + dumb | reeve oliver

    thoughts aloud -->
    eh not sure what to really update about. hm but ill start with last night:

    so around 4 sean picked me up then we went + got george and we drove out to orrick,mo + we had no clue where we were going. but george wanted to go to this car we! lol nooo.. the whole time i was there i had nasty old guys + mexicans eye rape me.. it was creepy..

    so yeah then around 8 we get home [ orrick is a long ways of a drive ] and sean + i take george home then we stop by jacks house + we all went to the park + just messsed around. it was then around 9:30 we went to see if matt was home + he wasnt so we just took jack home around 10 + then sean n me had to go out to blue springs to see brad + so sean could get the key to open the skate shop this morning

    after that he took me home + called me when he got home..i felt so sick last night i thought i was gonna throw up left + right..thank god i didnt.. i hate throwing up!!!! haha so yeah...i woke up today not giving a fxck about how i look cuz i feel like shit + im hella tired..but in english today i rubbed lotion on trevor and he got all sahdflk about it so he rubbed shit loads of aloe vera lotion on my face + neck

    yup..pretty sure im allergic to that lotion shit + i broke out so my neck is mainly all red n blochy + people say it looks like a hickey..haha..grrr trevor + that damn lotion! hehe so im in my college class being bored as hell cuz im done with all of my work + i have nothing more to update about ;]

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