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Pumpkin (operaprincess) wrote,
@ 2004-04-04 00:28:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    we belong together
    Woot. I haven't had this much fun in forever... lol well not forever. That was a blast. haha cept for the very end, the carride home was a bit scary..... Lol woot! I luv you guys, your my home dawgs yo!

    Away message:

    Gettin ready to go out with ma home dawgs! Woo we gunna be hittin it up at some of da favorite hott spots n then back to my homie J's crib with the gang! Be back much lata!

    I luv ya Jon like a fat kid luvs cake!

    well time for the inside jokes:

    - If i become anymore gay I am just going to loop around and become straight again
    - no I can't read all of them off to you
    - squishy...
    - hey get your arm offa me... Omg it's on you tooo!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
    - he called you fruity do you know what that mean!?!?!
    - we can hate our ex's together.... cept you can't hate me!
    - southern accent.... hmm when did that come in?!?!
    - an impossibly large bird...
    - oh look can it be the impossibly large bird is back!
    - that's the only thing he doesn't do *tear*
    - blanket!?!?! what r you guys doing!?!?... hey can I join!
    - calander! haha perfect pics... now show a little skin!!!!!! haha
    - sry hun you need dollars... *takes out tens and 2os* i've got them... no you need thousands...
    - will you dance with me? please... okay.... you know we are totally off beat.
    - throwing sweet tarts... bad aim... improves aim uses egg! haha!
    - want a lap dance?! sure!!!! OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    - i've got bitchin shoes with huge heels and their pointy hehe so u better watch out. * scared look covers important areas.
    - I've got big feet. you know what they say about big feet eh? ..... big socks.... hey good things come in small packages.... no good things come in big packages... no it's not the size size of the boat it's the motion of the ocean....
    ahhh okay...
    - him posing... her face! haha!
    - yes i'd like bannana fudge, carmel, cherry garcia, coco, vinilla chip, mint, lime... hahaha!
    - get the 3 smalls... haha they made a special flavor for you lobster.... O gosh no!
    - is he there yet... o yes he is.... ut oh!
    - wait don't let him in, I am not even cute yet!
    - duck nuff said
    - ghetto car dance!
    - throwing animales!
    - home grown gay!
    - what color is the sky? blue... okay she is alive
    - find the duck find the duck... good girl
    - *runs to get seat and people take it* ARGH you snob.
    - yea like your going to feel that through all that hair!
    - like the spikes...
    - i have been deprived of Gale hugs!
    - when r u kickin me out..?????!?!? idk *cough* soon...
    - SMOKIN?
    - tip?!!? do we!?!?!
    - we know what she is thinkin about! haha! no really I don't what?!?!
    - this chicken is to die for.... * sigh*
    - can I be u replacement for the night.....
    - hey! It wasn't my idea...
    - your not wearing cool water!
    - the tortilla chip that just disintagrated!
    - switching roles...
    - tickle me and you die!
    - can i borrow your robe?! never mind I am just going to keep it...
    - where is he going....
    - only an operation away....
    - omg your butt! it's in my face.... *smack!* haha!
    - why are we looking at this
    - haha omg!!!!!!!!! you did what?!!?! when?!!?
    - ink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - ice in the drinks has she figured out something that we haven't?!?!
    - he's where!?!?!?
    - ten lbs?!!?! I'll carry that for you
    - well the guy he was really good looking so i kept asking him to get me a bigger size! haha lmbo!
    - omg I think i am going to cry....
    - throws money everywhere...
    - first one to it wins...
    - apples! haha!
    - you ho! hehe you got called a ho can i have ur apples?!
    - stealing ur napkin!
    - sloppy dippers!
    - threesome party? in may?!!? what where when huh!?!? no I SAID THREE THEMED! o big difference!
    - motherly?!?! hellz no I think not!
    - he's being surpisingly good! for once
    - feather....
    - now i know where the bunny get's it from!
    - hey just change the "o" to an "e"
    - hahaha *kisses leg* ooo I kinda liked it! lmbo!!!!!!!
    - hey why can't u use me as your pillow....?
    - britney spears.... and J....
    - how bout what ever your wearing you keep... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    - shut up shut up... lol ect..... shut up!
    - how much do you like your cake?!?!
    - i've converted all for the chicken
    - sketchy white van.......
    - oh no the nightmares they are comin true
    - there she goes......
    - THIS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - yup she is def. out of it....
    - pinch me is this real?!?!
    - aww that is soo romantic.... yea aww it is... omg really... no it's not guys... y not.... because look they are all wet!.... no it's romantic.... ok yea maybe
    - don't fall don't fall
    - smash right into bush!
    - boob hopping?!?! y try that on me I'll kill you!
    - i'm hott in 2 ways! haha lol ur just too honest it's great!
    - colorful!
    - bunny flowers?!!?
    - hey you only live once....

    okay I know there is alot more i forgots but it's getting late and I want to mention the car ride home.

    okay so anyways I hop in the car. lol let me remind you that will be the last time i get a ride home with someone else. Literally. twas scary we pulled up to my house and they looked the doors and wouldn't let me out. they thought it would be funny to watch me get antsy. Lol soo not kewl.

    well what a freaking great way to start off my vacation.

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2004-04-04 05:14 (link)
lol!! I'm glad to see you had such a great time!! Oh man.... what a party I had! I cant wait to tell you all about it tomorrow love!

xoxoxoxo Mwah!

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