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Pumpkin (operaprincess) wrote,
@ 2004-03-22 19:04:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    wooo what a day, it was really a rather beautiful cold monday morning. I swear the best days are the ones where all day you find your self smiling non stop and just laughing constantly. ::sigh:: I am in such a wonderful mood. haha I sang my wedding songs before and then pulled outmy cher cd and started singing it in the living room for my mom. lol haha i bet you didn't know i can sing cher eh!?! lol I went driving today it was kewl, I passed a ralphs ices and they were open. OMG I think I am going to cry I mean literally I just love my mango ice sooo much...

    Ralphs Mango Ice

    The sensation of the mango ice was one I will never forget.
    I dare not order another flavor because It would be a choice I'd deeply regret.
    I scan down all the flavors but deep down I know i need not think twice.
    The incandescent orange ice just calls out to me as I await my turn to purchase my luscious ice.
    As I near the counter, my mind is consumed by the thought of the heavenly treat,
    I can only think of the delicacy I am about to eat.
    The lady at the window calls out next and I hastily reply me oh me yes me,
    I tell her that I want a pint of mango and she tells me the fee.
    She goes to scoop the ice into the pint container as I get my money out.
    Time goes slowly as I try to block out all doubt.
    I wait at the window praying that she doesn't say they ran out,
    but she comes back and I think to myself what a relief,
    She would have no idea how those words would cause me so much grief.
    She hands me a spoon and I walk back the car,
    In hopes that my mom didn't park too far.
    I hop in the car and start to eat my wonderful treat,
    It's mango flavor oh so sweet.
    As I near the end of my ice,
    I think wasn't that just nice.
    I feel all alone for my ice has disappeared,
    that was just the thing I had feared.
    I dispose of the empty container and sigh with amusement not sorrow,
    I think oh well I will just have to go back to Ralph's tomorrow.

    okay well there now i have a poem for ralphs ices.. ahh.....

    well I am gonna go. later ya' all!

    I love you Jon!

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2004-03-22 19:20 (link)
gale you are a loser but thats why i draw ants and obsess over refrence tables with you

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2004-03-22 20:43 (link)
lol marr your so sweet! haha you know u just love the refs and the ants!

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2004-03-22 19:27 (link)
I love your poem!! its very very deep... haha! I cant wait to try ices! I love you too^_^


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