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charlotte (ooxrandomnessxo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 14:46:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Until the Day I Die x Story of the Year

    It's my life it never ends.
    WELL. Today was pretty spiffy. IN THA MORNING. We were in the science room, and jon said that tyler said he kissed Amanda Baker, but he 'didn't really' and then natalie patted Jon on the shoulder and said, 'aww jon thats cute, thats cute.' and JON got angered. YEP. THEN Economics. I showed Mr.Trembley the magazine ad that 'i' made. and he chuckled and said it was hilarious. THEN Mr.Morin came in and mr.trembley said, 'LOOK AT THIS, IT'S HILARIOUS.' and they giggled. THEN math. die. THEN Art. FAGGOTS MUST DIE. THEN LUNCH. Lunch was pretty spiffy. indeed. THEN science, did my presentation. it was as speical as my LEFT foot. and if you get that, you'll get me. THEN we left, and i randomly found mitchell, then i was spacing out, and ross randomly hit me, and i was like. WOAH. then Jon said i touched his ass, and i said of course, and he said shit. and now i'm confused. oO;; THE bus was shifty. and Brandon hopes i die by choking... but he wouldn't tell me what i would choke on... ;___;

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2003-11-26 10:01 (link)
hey! i believe i deserve credit. i was in fact the one who did it.

%looks hurt%

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