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charlotte (ooxrandomnessxo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 21:50:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:breathing x charlotte

    I'm sailing away.


    k. woke up pshaw. Went to the fork, spoon and knife hall way. WALKED around. Adam & Kevin run up to me, for some odd reason, oh yes because I passed them and held up my encycolpedia!! [kevin - what's that!] [me - an encycolpedia!] [adam - &takes encycolpedia&] THEN me & Trina randomly walk with Adam & Kevin fer a bit, when we see... A PHONE. So we stood at the phone taking about nothing, then adam tried to kill me. THEN we left, and found natalie and mitchell! yay. &dance& FRENCH class. uh. DIE. NEXT... STUDY HALL. &kills all people in that class& THEN... Language arts... HAD A SUB. A cricket attacked Leah and Sarah. lmfao. THEN Lunch. Talked to Ryan, got some inside information. BWHAHA. &calm& THEN gym, played golf &kills gym class& THEN cross country meet. That one was pretty SPIFFY. Mitchell & Natalie got a cute yearbook photo. AWW. o_o Then I got 34th. Natalie got 19th, and Mitchell got 17th. AND ANDREW HOPKINS DENYS BEING MY FRIEND. WHATEVER HE SAYS IS A LIE. HE KNOWS THE TRUTH... Then we froliced home. & then went to Zachary's boy scout meeting, and I got to see my old school, and my paintings are still on the wall, so that's pretty nifty. THEN we were an hour late for the football game. TEHE. I was with Robbie, Trina, & Brock for basicly the whole time. We saw Natalie and Mitchell in the soccer field, so Brock ran over to them and it was so fuckin hilarious. oh man. So I had to give him a hug, lmfao, definatly not expecting that one. 'GIVE ME A HUG' 'uhh okay...' Robbie was so great too, [robbie to claire - Do you have friends? NO SERIOUSLY... do you have friends?] omg I loved it. Then everytime we went under the bleachers me and trina would dance. bwhaha. It was magical. YOU HAD TO BE THERE... k. so I guess, Robbie isn't going to homecoming with Tara, but is gonna ask me out? THATS WHAT I HEARD. hrm. oh yes, I was also wearing 5 layers, then I took Brock's jacket so it was awesome. muhaha. Then we left, and Robbie gave me a hug. yay. hrm k. Then we found natalie and mitchell. DUN DUN DUN. THEN Trina spent the night. yay.


    Went to buy homecoming dresses. Mitchell & trina came with us. My dress is like beigeish, and natalie's is blue. YEP. THEN we went home, and Trina stayed til 7:30 and Mitchell satyed til 8:45 and we had a dandy TIME. yep. & me and nat got jobs at the peppermill. wo0t. NOW I must leave.


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2003-10-05 20:30 (link)
andrew was never your friend, no he wasn't, and you all are sooo mean to your sister, evil evil evil

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Re: no
2003-10-06 14:54 (link)
Bwhaha. Yes he was! &shifty-eyes& DO YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH NOT WRITTING YOUR NAME!?
oh well. I know it's you, Lauren. LAUREN.

...yeah you heard me.

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