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charlotte (ooxrandomnessxo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 18:41:00
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    Current mood: quixotic
    Current music:Godsmack x I Stand Alone

    I'll even sleep better at night. AT NIGHT.
    Um. okay. WHATHAVEI DONE. Well. Saturday. I went to the mall, and saw... MADDIE. :x and her friends. YES. Then we were surrounded by football players. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOKED/TURNED!!! o_o... Yeah so. We went to hottopic and the guy told trina he loved her. SPIFFY. Sunday. I was bored. Natalie went to Mitchell's soo. YAP. MONDAY. I randomly went up to Lauren Dunn and put my hand on her shoulder and she got scared, cuz she thought I was a gothic person or something. syko... Watched an educational movie in economics. THE MADNESS. Lunch. Sucked. Yes. Brock avoids me at lunch. ;__; lol. THE faggot guys always find me, and sit with me. Freaks they are. They scare me alot. *kills them* gym sucked. YES. I hate soccer, but I'm good I guess, if I tried harder. BUT yanno. Practice was gay. I hurt myself. So it kills when I run. *pain* Todayyyyyy... um. OH. People told me they liked my shirt. yep. Mrs.Ryan played country music in math, so it was stuck in my head. AHH. D: Then Brock told me he thinks I like Robbie. weirdness. Then practice. Would have been great, if i didn't pull a muscle or w/etf I did. »_«;; Then activity bus... crazy 7th graders! *hides* "I got a detention for humping a chair, Mr.Carbone came in and I was like. Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh." Then Natalie had to sit with this syko. lmfao. "Can I have a kiss? A hug? I know that turned you on. *looks down* I'm getting excited." lmfao. Then this other kid says to her, "Hey when I'm 14 and your 16, maybe we could hook up?"

    YEAH. um. done.


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