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Holly (oocrazhollyoo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 23:07:00
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    Current mood:tired

    First entry!
    *hmm* Well, since I terribly miss my old diary *sniffles* I wanted to have a better one and I got this! I really want live journal, but I'm just waiting on Rachel (That chick is GREAT!) haha *Thank you Rachel!*

    Where, oh, where shall I start off? Well, ever since that terrible time I had a month ago I have been feeling much better thanks to my really great friends, and of course Roy! What would I do without him? I don't know what I did without him to tell you the truth! My life went downhill when I broke up with him, and now that we're back together! It's like *ahh* Sigh of relief everything is ok again! Hehe!

    Tonight was the final night of American Idol *sniffles* And Ruben Studdard won! *hehe* Go Teddy Bear! Congrats! lol I'm happy Ruben won, but if Clay would have one I would have been ever so glorious! haha! Oh geez! But I love Clay Aiken, and I know he will become famous! Just a gut feeling! hehe! What was up with Kelly tonight? Geez, me and Rachel were talking about it! And we decided that it must have been an off day or something! haha!

    Tomorrow! Yes! Another day less that I have to stay at this gay middle school! I can't WAIT! Until summer, and when it's school time again I will be so happy to finally be in Highschool! I've had enough of this middle school crap, and I'm sure many can agree with me! haha!

    Roy is leaving for Peru on the 29th! *tear* I am going to miss him so much! He won't be back until 2 WHOLE BLOODY WEEKS LATER! ON JUNE THE 12TH! That means he's just going to miss coming to my recital! *sniffles* ahh! That makes me so mad! lol! So this weekend I am probably going to hang out with him! I mean I can't stand not being with him one night! lol! Let alone 2 WEEKS! oh man!

    I can't wait until summer starts up! Daytona! Watch out! Here come Holly and Amber! hahaha! Amb, it's going to be GRAND! lol! And then Islands of Adventures! woop woop! Me n Amb BFFFFF! N you bet your dern bottom I'ma be hangin out wit mah Baby! And Sahs! n SHAN WEEEE! and Mike! And Zach! etc, etc! lol!

    This past week with Jen was swanky baby! lol! We hafta spend a whole week with eachother again! Just...not soon! haha! I love havin' you hear, but I think we both agree that it's good it was only a week! I could tell you missed poochie and your bed! lol! And I was probably gettin on your nerves at one point in time! But I love you! And I had loads of fun!

    I think this is going to conclude my first entry because it's now 11:16 p.m. and I am terribly tired! Ugh! So I love you all! Good night!



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