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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-09-03 23:05:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:ll cool j- headsprung

    hurricane frances!!
    ][ what time is it?: 9:30 pm
    ][ what is the date?: o9.3.o4
    ][ why are you fillinq this out?: cuz im bored

    - favorites.
    ][ number: 2
    ][ color: pink, white, blue, red `nd black
    ][ season: winter
    ][ holiday: mi birthday `nd christmas
    ][ month: november
    ][ day of the week: friday
    ][ qrade so far: 8th
    ][ class: NOPE
    ][ teacher so far: mrs.arvesu
    ][ drink: ice tea
    ][ food: shrimp
    ][ fruit: strawberries `nd watermelon
    ][ veggie: celery
    ][ tv show: whose line is it anyway?
    ][ radio station: 96.5, 99 jamz, 103.5, y100
    ][ cd: pitbull
    ][ animal: my brother`s dogz Tyson `nd P-Wee
    ][ clothinq store: too many to count
    ][ ice cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough
    ][ breakfast food: scrambled eggz
    ][ way to have fun: going out w/ friends or family

    - this or that.
    ][ me/you: me
    ][ aol/aim: aim
    ][ cd/cassette: cd
    ][ dvd/vcr: dvd
    ][ radio/cd: both
    ][ jeans/khakis: both
    ][ jacket/coat: jacket
    ][ leather/pleather: leather
    ][ sparkles/bronze: bronze
    ][ sexy/hot: sexy
    ][ car/truck: truck
    ][ corvette/camero: corvette =D
    ][ stronq/weak: str0ng
    ][ upset/pissed: pissed
    ][ tall/short: short
    ][ lunch/dinner: dinner
    ][ abercrombie/hollister: both
    ][ qap/old navy: old navy
    ][ nsync/bsb: mmm... none!
    ][ britney/xtina: xtina
    ][ love/lust: love <3
    ][ inside/outside: inside
    ][ lipstick/lipqloss: lipgloss
    ][ silver/qold: gold
    ][ peircinqs/tattoos: both
    ][ football/basketball: football
    ][ thunder/liqhtning: thunder
    ][ this/that: that

    - past.
    ][ if you could take back one thinq you did, what would it be and why?: i don`t know
    ][ do you have any reqrets?: yea
    ][ last thinq you said: your so stupid!
    ][ last sonq you heard: ll cool j- headsprung
    ][ last person you talked to on the phone: scott

    - present.
    ][ what are you doinq riqht now?: watching t.v `nd fillinq this thinq out
    ][ what cd is in your cd player?: a mix cd
    ][ are you cold?: kinda
    ][ how are you sittinq?: w/ my ass on the chair?
    ][ is there music on?: no
    ][ what time is it?: 9:40 pm
    ][ where are your parents?: upstairs sleepinq

    - future.
    ][ how old will you be when you qraduate hiqh scool?: 18
    ][ are you qoinq to qet married?: hopefully
    ][ are you qoinq to have children?: yes
    ][ if yes, how many?: 2 or 3
    ][ what will you name them?: Alina, Monica, Julio, and Andre
    ][ do you wanna qo to colleqe?: yes
    ][ which colleqe?: harvard, duke, or FSU

    - others.
    ][ write in cursive or print?: print
    ][ riqhty, lefty, ambidexterous?: righty
    ][ what do you think of rainbows?: o prettyyyyyy...
    ][ do you have any tattoos?: not yet
    ][ if not, do you want any, and where?: on my lower back above my ass, a cross w/ roses around it
    ][ what do you think of eminem?: hes so fyne
    ][ what do you think of britney and justin?: they made such a cute couple but w.e
    ][ if you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: new york or california
    ][ do you drive?: not yet
    ][ like milk and cookies?: mmm.. yummy
    ][ ever worn black nail polish?: no
    ][ what color nail polish do you have on?: clear
    ][ if you could have a 6th sense, what would it be?: to read minds or to predict the future
    ][ do you do thinqs even when your parents say no?: yeah
    ][ what's your favorite sonq to "rock out" to?: i dont know
    ][ ever taken anythinq from a hotel?: yea.. shampoos, towels, pillows, soap
    ][ did you talk to you crush/bf/qf today?: no
    ][ do you think this is stupidly lonq?: yea but it`s keepin me entertained
    ][ did you like it?: uh not really
    ][ why/why not?: cuz i say so

    - finish.
    ][ what is the time?: 9:45 pm
    ][ what is the date?: o9/3/o4
    ][ why did you just do this?: cuz i`m very bored

    02. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW: Remember Me (finished it)
    03. FAVORITE BOARD GAME: monopoly and clue
    04. FAVORITE MAGAZINE: seventeen, ym, cosmo girl
    05. FAVORITE SMELLS: cool water for men `nd women, gucci rush
    06. COMFORT FOOD: ice cream
    07. FAVORITE SOUNDS: rain
    08. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: getting hurt
    10. FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE: burger king and wendy`s
    11. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: Alina or Monica or Julio or Andre
    12. FINISH THIS STATEMENT, "IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY, I WOULD.. buy everything i wanted for my family and me!
    13. DO YOU DRIVE FAST: i dOn`t drive
    15. STORMS-COOL OR SCARY: both
    16. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR: like i said i dOn`t drive yet
    17. FAVORITE DRINK: appletini.. mmmm.. `nd ice tea lol
    18. FINISH THIS STATEMENT, "IF I HAD THE TIME, I WOULD. workout more lol
    20. GLASS HALF EMPTY OR FULL: its the same thing
    21. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: baseball `nd football

    last cigarette: dOn`t smOke
    last good cry: wen i watched sum mOviie
    last cuss word uttered: fuck
    last beverage drank: water
    last food consumed: cereal
    last crush: andrew still crushin=\
    last phone call: scott
    last tv show watched: the news cuz of the hurricane
    last time showered: like 2 hours ago
    last shoes worn: my fluffy flip-flops
    last cd played: reggae mix dancehall nice again
    last item bought: food
    last downloaded: music
    last annoyance: umm.. i dOn`t remember
    last disappointment: i don`t know
    last soda drank: water!
    last thing written: a note to scott
    last key used: ...
    last word spoken: WTF
    last sleep: a couple of hours ago
    last IM: allen
    last weird encounter: ???
    last ice cream eaten : ???
    last time amused: on the phone w. tommy lmao
    last time wanting to die: never
    last time hugged: todaii
    last shirt worn: um my brown tank
    last time dancing: todaii in my room lol
    last show attended: ...
    last webpage visited: kaitez journal

    I HURT: no 1
    I LOVE: my family, 477z, friends, shrimp, `nd ice cream
    I FEAR: tornadoes `nd hurricanes `nd death
    I HOPE: i get to go to venezuela next year again
    I FEEL: tired
    I HIDE: things from my parents `nd friends
    I DRIVE: for the last time I CANT DRIVE!
    I MISS: all my friends
    I LEARNED: dont listen to what people say and to follow your heart and make your own choices... ohh and the choices you make dictate the life you`ll lead
    I NEED: a b/f lol
    I THINK: tommy`z gay lol j/k

    current mood: im happy but tired
    current music: the sound of the t.v.
    current taste: mashed potatoes
    current hair: in a braid to the side
    current annoyance: nOthin
    smell: the air
    current thing i should be doing: nothing really
    current refreshment: water
    current worry: dOn`t worrii be happy =D

    1. What do you most like about your body? eyes, smile, ass, `nd tittiez
    2. & least? my stomach `nd thighs
    3. How many fillings do you have? none
    4. Do you think you're good looking? i don`t know.. u tell me
    5. Do other people often tell you that you're good looking? yeah sumtymz
    6. Do you look like any celebrities? oh no... at 1st i thought do u like any celebs
    A - Act your age - yea
    B - Breast size - 36B
    C - Chore you hate - vacuuming `nd washing dishes
    D - Dads name - nacho
    E - Essential make up item - eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, concealer, blush
    F - Favorite actresses and actors - brittany murphy
    G - Gold or silver - gold
    H - Hometown - Caracas, Venezuela
    I - Instruments you play - none
    J - Job title - student
    K - Kids - dont have...
    L - Living arrangements - at home w/ my mami y papi
    M - Mom's name - silvia
    N - Number of people you've slept with - none
    O - Overnight hospital stays - never stayed at a hospital
    P - Phobia - tornadoes `nd roahces
    Q - Quote you like - can`t remember
    R - Religious affiliation - roman catholic?
    S - Siblings - 1 brother `nd 1 sister
    T - Time you wake up - SCHOOL: 5:45 am
    U - Unique habit - i don`t have 1
    V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - peas `nd aparagus
    W - Worst habit - dont know
    X - X-rays you've had - my teeth lol
    Y - Yummy food you make - chicken w/ rice
    Z - Zodiac Sign - scorpio

    hey journal!! well thursday `nd friday (todaii) we didn`t have any school b/c of hurrican Frances.. so yesterday we moved all of the furniture `nd put the shutters up (well not really shutters but pieces of wood lol) `nd then my mom went out to buy food `nd other shit while i had to clean my room `nd take everything that was of glass off my walls `nd i had to vacuum kuz my dad made a mess w/ the wood thingyz.. todaii we didn`t do much my dad finished putting up the shutters... i talked to scott then my mommy started cooking while i had to vacuum some more! then we just chilled for a while `nd slept like for 2 hours! i`m kinda scared cuz of hurricane Frances and i know its not gonna hit us hard but we are going to have tornadoe warningz too `nd i`m not the biggest fan of tornadoes so yea i`m scared! i talked to tommy today like at 8 `nd w/e then i watched "S.W.A.T" `nd then "whose`z line?" (my favorite show), i filled that thingy out `nd now i`m here bored as fuck watching the news!! i`m so tired! i dOn`t know why though cause i slept for like 2 hours `nd i didn`t even go to sleep late w/e well ima go now bye love ya

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2004-09-04 16:17 (link)
4. Do you think you're good looking? i don`t know.. u tell me

uhh duh ! ur georgeuous ! however u spell it..

katie loves fabi .

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2004-09-04 17:37 (link)
hey fabii qurl !! ima take the survey thinqie 4rm u kk ?! thnx pz


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2004-09-04 17:39 (link)
oh yea `nd who`z liine is one of ma favorite shows too !! lmao

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2004-09-04 23:48 (link)
okie dokie smokie pokie! go ahead... oh yeah happy birthday claudia!! love ya =D

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