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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 22:39:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:andy y lucas- son de amores

    hey journal.. well this month has been awesome!! well last sunday it was my cousins concert. after the concert we had a party at the house, all of my moms family was there which is about 5o-7o people and there all from "San Antonio de los altos" then around 6 my cousin Maria Gabriela and my tia Yoli took my sister and me to Valencia which was like a 3 hour trip. then monday we saw all of the family in Valencia and the next day we went to CHICHIRIVICHE which is a small pueblo or a lil town where all of the most beautiful beaches of venezuela are.. it was soooooooooooo much fun! then on tuesday my tia Irene, tio maxwell, and all of my cousins came. oh man that day was str8 as hell.. we only got a chance to go to 2 beaches "Cayo Baradero " and "Cayo muerto" then we left on thursday. on friday my sister and i went to "El SAMBIL" (a mall) which is freaking huge!!!!!! it has 6 floors! then around 7 or 8 we left to Higuerote which is like 2 hours away (Higuerote is another small town that is close to the beach) we went to Higuertoe b/c my uncle has a boat there. we only stayed for the weekend and we came back on sunday at night but we were in traffic for like 2 hours then today i had to go to the doctor because the inside part of my ear is swollen which completly sucks!! i have to put drops in my ear 3 times a day =/ im in so much pain tho.. it hurts sooooooooooooo much, on a scale from 1-10 its like 7 and the worst part of all is that this friday is when we are leaving back to miami and if it does get cured then im going to be screwed! well one of these days my cousins and i are going to the "El Avila" which is the biggest mountain in Caracas and on the mountain there is an aerial tramway which they just opened so hopefully i get to go on it... well today is my cousins b-day and he is having a lil getty downstairs so i g2g bye

    (inside jokes- como se pone sabanas al chincurro? lmao
    come come obejita lmao
    golfeado lol
    rewind lol
    "ironica" dont cha think... romnace lmao)

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2004-08-01 17:42 (link)
wow it soundz liik u havin` aLotta fun this summerr .. i haven`t done shiit it suckz .. well pz juss wanted to comment lol

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