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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-06-12 22:19:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:vanessa carlton- twilight

    oh wow!
    oh man i havn`t written in this thing in the longest!! well school ended on wednesday! then that day i went to the shaving cream fight `nd then i went to jessy`s real quick `nd we went to the crossings country club.. i saw a lot of ppl there! w/e then we went to her house `nd we went in the pool with bianca (shes so cute shes only 2) then i went home and went to sleep and then thursday i stayed home `nd just did nothin.. then on friday i went to the fallz `nd i met up wit aly, manda, ashley, samantha, felicia, `nd jessie `nd we suprised maria! it was fun then we ate at johnny rockets `nd saw "the stepford wives" `nd that movie complety sucked!! then we jessica, maria, felicia, `nd me just walked around the whole time... `nd then i went to jessy`s house `nd we played with bianca `nd then my parents came to pick me up `nd i bought new room furniture!! woo hoo!!!! lol then today we took everything outta my room because one of my moms friend is taking the furniture (i feel so bad because her children were sleeping on the floor =\ ) and then around 3:3o we went to benihana `nd then we went to bjs.. i bought a pillow but its not like any other pillow its soooooo soft! its called "cush".. anyways then we went to ramcos `nd we just bought somethings there w/e `nd now i`m here! bored as hell!!!!!!!!!!! oh man i can`t wait till next saturday! i`m going up to Fort Walton to see my brother, Carlos, and Monica! woop woop but i`m also kinda scared because i`m going on an airplane by mah self!! well i g2g bye love ya

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2004-06-20 14:47 (link)
hey fabii ! buenO juss drOppin by cOmmentin` on everyOnes jOunral .. damn i wish i cOuld qO alOne back to miami but noooo .. ok sO:rry off tha subject lOl .. well im out lOve yu ; even thOuqh we dun talk lol pz

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