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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 20:29:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:amanda perez - i pray

    hey journal! man this weekend was fun! on friday i went to ximenaz crib lyk at 9 `nd allison `nd me slept over then we had to wake up at 43o cuz we had to be on da bus by 5 then w/e we watched "how high" on bus.. it was funny den we got to orlando like at 945-1o then we went to Magic Kingdom it was fun except we coodnt go to splash mountain cuz it wasnt workin or sum thing lyk that.. i bought a lollypop!! woo hoo lol then we got on the bus like at 8 everyone was high except for xime, allison, nick `nd his girl, ian, yharise`nd me.. i slept the whole way `nd juan was takin pictures of everyone sleepinq then we got to miami lyk at 123o-1 `nd we watched U Got Served `nd went to sleep then we woke up at like 12oo `nd i left at 2 then mah parents took me to wendys nd then i got home, took a shower, `nd straighten mah hair `nd then i watched drumline `nd then i saw a wedding on television wit mah parents and now im here refriada `nd sick =\ it sukz well i g2g bye

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