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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-03-06 19:02:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music: .selena. .dreaminq of u.

    feelinq special
    wow.. this week has been weird! ok on wednesday i got mah period in 3rd `nd then w/e went home earlii then on thursday `nd friday i got sik `nd then mah sister came from tallahassee.. we chilled for a while then went to nata`z house `nd chilled for a lil `nd then we went to sunset place.. we watched "the passion of christ" it was soo good! i cried during the WHOLE movie.. it was so sad!!!! w.e then we got bak at like 13o nd we went to sleep then today i woke up like at 1o.3o did some chores nd went owt wit mah mom dad ire `nd ferny nd we went to navarro. i bought some lotion nd gel.. to da radisson nd i bought a VON DUTCHhat nd a jelly purse.. ((its cute az fucc)) then we went to dolphin nd i bought 7 pairs of ear-ringz nd a new bathinq suit =D nd then we went to an italian resturant.. it waz so fuccinq good nd i ate some crepe nd like they put a bacardi rum 151 on it. wtf! it was strong as hell i coodnt eat it.. nd now im here bored az fucc... iim sooo happii!! tomorrow im going to the beach to get a fuccinq TAN!!woo hoo.. lol well ima find somethinq to do so pz

    "love your neighbors and hate your enemies... but i say to love your enemies and pray for those who presecute you"--- Jesus

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