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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 23:52:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music: guasa guasa- tego calderOn


    mah jOurnal! well where do ii start? okaii on fridaii was da pj partii 2oo4 at superwheels.. mad funn! ii was suppOse to meet lawrence rOund 9.3o but ii kiinda sOld hiim out cuz ii had 2 go to meliiz casa fiirst`nd we ended up goiinq there lyk rOund 1o15.. iit was packed! madd ppl were smOkiinq `nd driinkinq. ii saw alotta ppl 4rm mah skOol! ii saw skott tono jorge shane lawrence jessica christii kiki karla `nd i think datz it..den w//e ii chiilled wit lawrence fo a liil whiile `nd then waiited iin liine wiit melii mariiana `nd angela we got iin lyk at 11oo.. damn sO manii ppl were there.. den melii angela mariiana `nd mii went to da miidle `nd started danciinq `nd all of a sudden sOm guy was behiind mii danciinq nd ii turned arOund 2 see wah he lOoked lyk `nd he was short az fucc iit was soo fucciinq funnii `nd den w//e they put some reggaeton `nd da shOrt guy popped outta nOwhere `nd was riight behind mii agen! lmao then round 1 ii left `nd ii saw mah cuziin niina there just chiilliinq outsyd wiit her boii. we had to walk hOme `nd it was fucciinq freeziinq! den sOme car stopped next tO us `nd sOme uglii asz guyz were tryinq to holla at us but we told them off iit wuz funnii. mah dad came 2 piik mii up rOund 1.3o.. but damn ii had madd fun! den tOdaii ii did mah gay ass project but i didnt finish all i gotta do is paste everything but dont matter and i watched like 4 mOviiez tOdaii.. Hercules. Brown Sugar. Pretty Woman. Mighty Duckz 2 or sOme shyt lyk that but it was str8.. well iim tiired az fucc so ima go bye bye i L hiim

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