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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-11-08 18:26:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:nina sky- turning me on

    friday- daniella came home with me and made up more to my dance for student choreography then went to dance and did crunches! lol it was awesome! came back from dance and daniella left my house like at 9 i took a shower and i knocked out the whole night

    saturday- woke up round 8:30 took another shower just to wake me up and i got ready ate and left with my dad to Get Smart to buy some things for my project then we went to EL DORADO to buy some furniture for my brothers apartment then we went to the Acura dealer and Monica got a new car! Its soo pretty its an Acura RSX! its freaking awesome dude! while my dad was buying the car my mom, monica, and me went to international mall and we went to Wet Seal and i bought some clothes holla! lol then we went out to celebrate after that we went home and i talked to tim for a while and i went to sleep

    sunday- woke up like at 10 and i did some of my homework and i got ready to go to daniella's house and we ate sancocho (for those who don't know what that is its some colombian soup thats really good and they put everything in it) it was fun! then i went home like at 7 and did homework and spent the whole night talking to tim and i had a really bad blonde moment lol i went to sleep like at 1

    today sucked ass.. i got a freaking failure notice for spanish and im not even failing! grrr... i don't like that teacher anymore! she gave the whole class a failure notice b.c we didn't know that gay play! w/e anywho well my birthday is coming up on tuesday nov.16 but i dont know what to do for it! i think i should go out with people on saturday to watch a movie or something but you know what really sucks? my brother is leaving on the 18 to Saudi Arabia for a year! im soo sad cuz im not going to be able to see him for like 8 months or something but w.e i g2g bye love ya

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2004-11-09 22:10 (link)
wuts ur brother gonna go to saudi arabia for ? it sounds cool tho . i think . heeyy who`s tim =] .. from wut i read u talk to him alot ! ima come in december grl maybe we can chill yey !! ok byee

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2004-11-10 17:49 (link)
well my brother is going to saudi arabia to work for construction thingy there but anywho whats your s/n? well mine is o0ofabio0o im me kk bye love ya

p.s. oh yeah maybe we can chill when you come down!

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2004-11-11 17:26 (link)
thats cool .. hes gonna help build something o wat ? iight i added u 2 my buddy list =] .. i got like a million s.n`z but mostly ima be on liddulmiss305 ..

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