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fabii (oo_fabu_oo) wrote,
@ 2004-11-03 20:51:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:mariah carey- christmas

    friday- i didnt go to school.. i was just kinda lazy and i stayed up kinda late on thursday so my parents said it was okay to stay home so i slept till like 8 cuz scott freaking called me cuz he was at school but i went back to sleep till like 11 lol then just watched t.v. and listened to some music carlos also came for a lil while then we got ready and i packed to leave to orlando.. oh man i fell really bad that day i was down the stairs with monica and i slipped and skipped like 2 steps `nd i landed on my back i have a bruise. it hurts a lot = \ anywho we got to orlando like at 10:15 or something and we went staright to publix and we met up with my sister at the resort thingy.. i was really pretty!

    saturday- we woke up at like 9 ate a really big breakfast with eggs, pancakes, toast, arepas mmm.. lol then we got ready and went to the pool and i went on the jet ski's with my daddy i didnt really like it that much then we ate like at 3 and monica, irene, and me tanned for like an hour it was fun lol then we went back to the resort and got ready to do something.. we were gonna to Halloween Horror Night but it was sold out so we went out to eat with my parents at MidEvil Times it was cool! "blue your my boy"<--- insider lol (monica) after we left we wanted to do something so we went Skull Kingdom.. we ended up getting lost for like an hour and we finally made it at 12 lol there was this really fine guy there anywho it was scary i got chased by a guy with a chain saw lol and i fell going up the stairs haha we got back to the resort maybe like around 1:30 then we went to sleep

    sunday- we woke up ate breakfast watched motor mouth haha and then started packing and left to back to miami when i got home i just unpacked and i didnt really go trick or treating b/c i didnt have any1 to go with and i didnt have a costume so w.e

    monday- it was gay

    tuesday- it was gay

    today- it was gay lol some kid fell in front of scott and me it was funny but i feel kinda bad well im bored and i have homework i love yall! bye

    fuck 65 stupid faggot lol

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2004-11-04 07:09 (link)
so does this mean u got a tan or are u still white

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its cece
2004-11-04 19:28 (link)
wtf .. leave ur name pussie

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2004-11-04 17:37 (link)
fuck u

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2004-11-04 19:23 (link)
heyy .. man i`d give almost anything to be able to visit orlando again .. ahh its juss so far away now n i juss realized that when i read ur entry lol .. =[

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2004-11-05 18:09 (link)
so are you still white or now you are tanned? because you are white as fuck

-the krazy one-

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2004-11-05 20:27 (link)
why the fuk do u care .. lowlife

.. damn right u crazy

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2004-11-05 20:47 (link)
break it up break it up! lol cece dont worry about the person whos talking shyt cuz i know who he is and hes just playing a joke on me so dont worry.. kk love ya gurl! bye

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2004-11-07 00:28 (link)
lol wtf u coulda told me sooner =[

- cece

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Re: ahh
2004-11-07 11:17 (link)
lol sorry

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